The best concealers for mature skin according to experts

Experts reveal the best concealers for mature skin

Taking specific skin concerns into account when buying make-up products can make all the difference, especially as we age. Finding the best concealers for mature skin (and foundations too, for that matter) can make or break your look. “They must have the right balance between creaminess and pigmentbecause we don’t want it to settle in wrinkles, but to be able to cover problem areas,” he explains Gucci Westmanmakeup artist who founded Westman Atelier. Mature skins benefit from formulas that are not too dense or powdery, but rather lightcreamy and able to increase brightness.

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For the make-up artist Jenna ScavoneThis means selecting concealers based on ingredients. “Focus on skincare products, which will help protect and plump the delicate skin around the eyes,” explains the expert. “The ingredients to look for are vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides and ceramides, which help brighten, protect and heal the skin barrier. If you suffer from bags or wrinkled skin, look for a concealer with caffeine; It will help firm your under-eye area.” From a stick with sunscreen to a formula that banishes dark circles, here are the best concealers to smooth out mature skin.

For hydration

Chanel Sublimage Le Correcteur Yeux

  • Because we like it: Bright, radiant, light And with adjustable coverage is the definition used by makeup artist Autumn Moultrie to describe this Chanel concealer. So luxurious in application that it could be mistaken for one of the best eye creams.
  • To know: With a blend of vanilla planifolia water, cedar extract and light-reflecting particles, this concealer protects the delicate skin under the eyes while plumping, hydrating and smoothing.

To illuminate

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat, illuminating concealer

  • Because we like it: For Moultrie, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat is the best concealer. The formula, defined as “an eraser for the face”, promises to illuminate or hide specific areas of the face.
  • To know: Jennifer Lopez is also a fan of this product. Protagonist of an episode of Vogue Beauty Secrets, she used this pen to brighten her dark circles area, nose and forehead. The formula, without reflections, uses vitamin E, extract of ruscus and Moroccan calendula to keep the skin young and protected.

For dark circles

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Concealer

  • Because we like it: “I like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk for dark circles because it contains small particles of synthetic mica in the formula, an ingredient that reflects light and helps brighten and camouflage the pigment,” explains Scavone.
  • More to know: This concealer, which gives a natural, luminous and medium coverage finish, is designed to melt into the skin. In addition, vitamin E, caffeine and glycerin promote a hydrated and uniform complexion.

For sun protection

Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer SPF 27

  • Because we like it: In Scavone’s experience, Clé de Peau concealer blends seamlessly into skin and lasts all day: “It’s lightweight, has full coverage, and gives an even, airbrushed finish.”
  • More to know: We’re impressed with the brand’s infused SPF, zingiber aromaticus extract, hyaluronic acid, and Skin-Empowering Illuminator, which work together to help skin protect itself from environmental stressors.

For a long hold

Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer

  • Because we like it: according to Moultrie, Dior Forever Skin Correct is the best choice for its flawless hold.
  • More to know: “Unlike concealers for younger skin, a concealer for mature skin needs to have enough hold that it can withstand the application of a powder”. While botanical extracts (iris, pansy and nasturtium) keep skin soothed and hydrated, the entire composition is formulated for 24-hour wear without smudging.

To correct color

Bobbi Brown concealer for dark circles

  • Because we like it: “If needed, I like to apply Bobbi Brown Color Corrector after my eye cream and before my concealer,” says Moultrie. “I see it as a way to even out skin tone, veiling dark circles, redness or pigmentation issues.”
  • More to know: Enriched with kaolin clay and vitamin E, the concealer promises to effortlessly neutralize discolorations under concealer.

How to apply concealer on mature skin

“No matter how good the concealer is, the Skin prep is essential for women with mature skinsays Moultrie. “Eye masks and a good eye cream are key. For Scavone, the important thing is thehydration, because “a hydrated eye area will appear firmer and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles”. For extra hydration, the make-up artist mixes the concealer with a drop of face oil to achieve a flawless finish.

When it comes to application, our experts agree that less is more: “Apply a small amount, only where needed, and tap it into the skin with your ring finger“, explains Scavone. “Too much product will only stay on the skin and make wrinkles more evident”.

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