The best Heart of Evil in Diablo 4 season 1 to boost your build

Evilheart is one of the great additions to Diablo 4, giving our characters even more power. So it’s always important to know which ones are the most powerful.

Devil 4 The first season has been released.This season contains many novelties, one of which is evil hearta more powerful gem that grants additional stats and unique abilities.

There’s a total of 32 Wicked Hearts in Diablo 4, and after telling you all about them, it’s time to take a look which are the most powerful. In this guide, we’ll tell you which course you must take for each class, and one extra course you shouldn’t miss.

Devil 4

The Best Evil Hearts of Every Class in Diablo 4 You’ll Eliminate in Season 1

necromancer best evil heart

  • profane (Sadistic, Aggressive): Walking near a corpse will automatically trigger the equipped corpse ability every second, reducing damage by 40-30%.

Great for blowing up an entire area without having to do anything, since its application is automatic and everything will be faster for you.

Best Druid’s Evil Heart

  • unstoppable force (Sneaky, Practical): When you have the ultimate active ability, pull up to 30-50 distant enemies towards you.

By grouping more enemies together, the druid’s crowd control is improved, allowing you to spread out more builds so you can take down everyone faster.

Mage’s Worst Heart

  • Such a Rakshasa (Sadistic, Aggressive): For each element you deal damage with, you deal 7-12% more damage 3-10 seconds.

Damage increases are key for mages, so if you’re multi-item builds, improvements in this area will be amazing.

Rogue Best Evil Hearts

  • Fel Apothecary (Rage, Super Strength – World Tier 4): Your attacks have a 5-15% chance to apply all infusion effects at 40-50% of normal strength.

The Infusion ability in Diablo 4 is very useful for rogues, so this heart increases the damage you do with that class.

barbarian best evil hearts

  • concentrated anger (Sadistic, Aggressive): After consuming 100-60 Rage over 2 seconds, your next non-basic ability has a 20-30% increased critical strike chance.

Getting 20-30% crit chance is kind of barbaric, you can use your barbarian main skill for beast attacks, which comes in handy when clearing waves and fighting bosses.

Best Overall Evil Hearts

  • barber (Rage, Super Strength – World Tier 3): Your target absorbs the critical hit and all subsequent damage for 2-4 seconds. Absorbed damage explodes on nearby enemies. Cumulative damage increased by 10% per second.

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Remember, this game is already in the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. It started off on a strong note and is Blizzard’s best game in years. Lilith is back in all her demonic glory. will you follow her

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