The best movies to watch in streaming this summer

If it’s too hot outside and the holidays are too short, at home we recommend you to enjoy the rich offer of movies available on various streaming platforms. There are so many stories that can keep you snuggled up on the couch, maybe while enjoying an ice cream or a cold drink. NowTv and Sky carry some films that went into cinemas a few months ago, such as mrs harris goes to paris (July 16), don’t worry darling (July 24)e Romantic (July 31). but we have selected a few below original moviesnever seen before July and August on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video For new emotions, from thriller to animation, from romantic comedy to science fiction. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your sight.

Bird Box: Barcelona

Can watch on Netflix on 14th July Bird Box: BarcelonaThe film that was born as an official sequel to the original bird box Together Sandra Bullock of 2018. david And Alex Shepherd Sign off on the direction of this new dystochic adventure set in Spain, where a supernatural and mysterious force drives people to commit suicide for no apparent reason. Violent acts aimed at taking someone’s life cause chaos and disasters in various corners of the city, leading to general hysteria. People are running but the danger is invisible and it is hard to stop. Sebastian and his daughter Anna look for a way to survive, then take advantage of successful storytelling last of us, Together, father and daughter search for safe haven in a post-apocalyptic world and encounter dangerous and aggressive creatures.

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hottest summer

Matteo Pilati Will direct a new Italian romantic comedy streaming July 6 on Amazon Prime Video. Gianmarco Spurino, Alice Angelina And Nicole Damiani are the protagonists of a story set in a small town in Sicily. Love, intrigue and gossip between the boys of a provincial parish frame a light and simple film that’s perfect for summer viewing. even in artists nino frasica As Don Carlo, the priest who leads the small parish who finds himself managing excitement and chaos following the arrival of the beautiful Nicola.

they cloned tyrone

The science fiction film directed by will arrive on Netflix on July 21. Juel Taylor Together jamie fox, Teyonna Paris And john boyega of the main characters. A pulp, comedy and sci-fi adventure that finds an unlikely trio on the trail of a government conspiracy. A drug dealer, a pimp and a prostitute will have to face many dangers and unexpected events to complete their mission.


chloe grace moretz And riz ahmed Will lend his voice to the heroes of this animated film which will stream on Netflix from June 30. director Nick Bruno And troy quan, Nimona Tells the story of an allegorical teenager living in a techno-medieval world. It can change its shape whenever it wants and knight ballister boldheart He has to find and kill her as Nimona is considered a demon. However, events lead the two, as enemies, to work together to protect themselves from prejudice and violence.

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heart of stone

It will arrive on Netflix on August 11 heart of stonea film by Tom Harper Together girl gadot And jamie dornan, Gadot stars as Rachel, a very cool Secret Service agent involved in the history of international espionage. actress of wonder woman She is not new to these action roles and we have already seen her in similar positions for Netflix Dwayne Johnson And Ryan Reynolds to film red notice. There are no other details about the film at the moment, except that at the center of the plot is the disappearance of a precious and dangerous asset called the Heart. they are also in the cast Alia Bhatt, Sophie Okonedo, Mathias Schweighofer, Xing Lusi, Paul Ready,


f gary gary Crime action film Lift is coming to Netflix on August 25 with an A-list cast. Sam Worthington, Kevin Hart, Vincent D’Onofrio, Gugu Mbatha-Raw And Jean Reno There are few heroes in this seemingly impossible mission. A thief is hired by the FBI to pull off a $100 million heist with his ex-girlfriend and foil a terrorist attack. The gold bars are en route to a plane from London to Zurich but the task is difficult for even an experienced thief.


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