The best of Ritmica’s first round of Serie A in Cuneo

A few more days and the Prometheus altarpiece of Ancona will see the most important teams in Italy compete in the second stage of the Serie A and B championship.

But what were the best exercises seen during the first stage in Cuneo?



Can’t say that Sophia Raffaeli (Golden flames For Fabriano gymnastics) did not surprise by presenting his exercise to the circle. The initial grimace hinted at something, but the music of Hitchcock’s famous film, Psycho, left no room for doubt. Sofia, hoop in hand, interpreted the madness of the film’s protagonist in her own way, leaving the audience amazed and conquering the jury. Her 33,550 is, in fact, her best gear score.


Tara Dragas instead she is the best ball gymnast with a score of 32.450. the new senior ofUdinese she is elegant, precise, convincing in an exercise tailored to her. In the next stages it will be interesting to see what Tara has in store also in the other tools.

(Tara Dragas) Photo by: Marco Calia for

A few tenths away with 32,300 it is impossible not to mention Milena Baldassarri with the new ball exercise. Her previous routine, to the tune of Regina Spektor, was loved by the public, but this one will be just as much. The return of a Billie Eilish song heralded something intimate and emotional and during the exercise even the lipstick smudge confirmed it. The theme chosen, in fact, is that of violence against women: a strong message that Milena was able to manage on the platform with great awareness.


At the clubs it is still Sophia Raffaeli the best. It is the third exercise in which the gymnasts from Fabriano, led by Julieta Cantaluppi and Kristina Ghiurova, face strong themes and do it with extreme mastery. Raffaeli’s 34,100 is the result of an exercise as difficult as heard on the notes of “Quand c’est”, music by the French singer-songwriter Stromae on cancer that the world champion interprets without any reservations.

(Sofia Raffaeli) Photo by: Marco Calia for


The best score of the day on tape, however, is from the athlete ofUdinese Isabelle Tavano. Among the few to complete a tape exercise without mistakes or big mistakes, in addition to her precision, Isabelle brings elegance and considerable difficulties to the field that earn her the apparatus record with 29,750 points.

(Isabelle Tavano) Photo by: Marco Calia for



And of Andrea VerdesRomanian gymnast on loan to Dance Evolution, the best hoop score of the day with 31,450; the best of the blue ones is instead Elena Maria Guglielmino from the Gymnasium Gravina with 29,300.


The Greek loan Lytra Panagiota makes you conquer Gymnasium Gravina best score at the ball with 32,500. The young talent Viola Saddle from the SGM Strength and Courage he chases it with a really very nice exercise of 31.150.

(Viola Sella) Photo by: Marco Calia for


Margarita Kolosov under the Pontevecchio Bologna she is the best at clubs. The German, with her signature mark – a jump called butterfly – takes the best apparatus score with the 32,000 obtained.

(Margarita Kolosov) Photo by: Marco Calia for


It is still a foreign loan to dominate the virtual classification on tape: Fanni Pinicczki under the SGM Strength and Courage. The 29.950 obtained by the Hungarian helps the team to conquer the second place of the inaugural stage.

(They do Pinicczki) Photo by: Marco Calia for

The complete clip of the Cuneo stage is available on the La7 website dedicated to Rhythmic Gymnastics, at this link for Serie A2 and at this link for Serie A1.

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