The Boogeyman is a horror film based on the Stephen King story, available on Disney+.

The Boogeyman, a horror film based on the story by Stephen King, is available today, October 18, on Disney+. Let’s find out some details about the plot and the cast, among which the presence of young Sophie Thatcher and Vivian Lyra Blair stands out.

Boogeyman – horror based on the story Stephen King — was intended exclusively for the streaming market until 20th Century Studios decided to focus on the project, distributing it to theaters last June. A winning choice, the feature-length film grossed an estimated $82 million, immediately bringing director Rob Savage into the spotlight and piqued the curiosity of those unable to see it in theaters. If you want to correct a mistake, Boogeyman available from today, October 18on Disney+just in time for Halloween evening.

Boogeyman – Plot and cast of a horror film based on a story by Stephen King

Boogeyman tells a story that has its roots in folklore, creating a myth aboutBlack man extremely relevant and real. The feature film then tells the story of a high school student. Sadie Harper and his younger sister, Sawyer struggling with the pain of losing their mother and the lack of support from their father, Dr. Will Harper, a therapist who is too busy with his work. However, the arrival of her father’s new patient, Lester Billings, will upset the lives of the two main characters, as the man brings with him terrible demonic entity, which feeds on the suffering inflicted on its victims. While trying to convince their father of the presence of supernatural forces in their home, Sadie and Sawyer find themselves in the middle of the action. series of horrifying events.

Take on the role of Sadie Sophie Thatcher – known to the general public from the series Yellow Jackets -, next to whom we find a little girl Vivian Lyra Blair as Sawyer. Blair already appeared in Bird boxNetflix horror film starring and starring Sandra Bullock Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, where she played the young Princess Leia. Then they finish throw Chris Messina (Wil Harper), David Dastmalchian (Lester Billings), Madison Hu and Marin Ireland. As already mentioned, leadership is entrusted to Rob Savage – already behind the camera of independent horror films Hosts AND DVR -, and the script is edited Mark Heyman, Scott Beck and Brian Woods. Boogeyman based on the work of the same name Stephen King – published in Italy as Boogeymancontained in the collection Sometimes they come back (Night shift), the author’s first anthology, dating from 1978. Although this is a short story, Savage and Heyman have already developedidea for a possible sequel, which could also be turned into a spin-off or standalone story set in the same narrative universe. Filming of the feature film, which takes place almost exclusively in the home of the two main characters, took place in Residents of New Orleans. So let’s meet Disney+to immerse yourself in the disturbing atmosphere recreated by the King of Thrills.

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