The charm of celebrity photos

Photo taken recently in Donald Trump, the first-ever photo of a former U.S. president, became instantly iconic – and is already considered by many media outlets to be the frame of the year. This is not the first time that Trump has been charged, but so far the so-called charges have never been circulated. photos is a practice allowed in Georgia, a state where the former US president is accused of trying to derail the 2020 election. As expected, Trump was quick to use his photo. as a propaganda tool: on the official website of his 2024 US presidential campaign, among other things, t-shirts, posters, mugs and stickers with the photo in question and the caption can be purchased “never give up!”. The same copy was used to accompany the posting of the picture on his profile. Twitterwhich was no longer used after lockdown in early 2021. But even before he was taken into custody, Trump put up a T-shirt for sale on his website that read one of his fake photoswith an inscription “not guilty”. His photograph was also used to collect campaign donations. Many claim that Trump’s photo is real this could strengthen him among the electorate, largely convinced of his innocence, despite numerous accusations. The former Republican president faces four different trials and 91 charges.

The most famous photographs

This is not the first time photos of famous people have contributed increase your popularity, better or worse. Among the photographs that went down in history and strengthened the personality of the photographed, there is, for example, a photograph Jane Fonda – with a raised fist, as a gesture of defiance of the forces of order: the actress was arrested in 1970, at the age of 33, on charges of hitting a police officer who found some suspicious pills in her, which she then turned out to be vitamins. Another photograph that went around the world was a photograph Justin Bieber: It was 2014 and the Canadian singer was arrested in Miami Beach on charges of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, an expired driver’s license and resisting arrest. For the first time, the viral focus of the networks has been added to the power that this type of image brings with it. And more: elegance David Bowie, who was arrested in 1976 on marijuana possession charges, which made his photo iconic and helped define his character style. In addition, there are photographs that have become famous because they featured the most famous representatives of the civil rights movement and whose arrest symbolized a real injustice that was somehow fueled by the circulation of the same photograph – this is the case, for example, with John Lewis, Rosa Parks AND Martin Luther King, among the others. Then it’s impossible not to think about Elvis Presley who made more than one round of the barracks thanks to his impudent “pelvic” movements on stage (nickname Elvis Taz does that tell you anything?) Kurt Cobain instead, he was arrested in May 1986 for a spray-painted letter. “Isn’t it what it’s called?”“on a building in Aberdeen, adding to a long list of rock stars from Jim Morrison To Sid Vicioushaving experienced the “coolness” of the prison, they are immediately photographed by the police.

Trump photo

Before the release of Trump’s photo, many wondered what facial expression the former US president would have: while the other 18 people investigated with him maintain a deadpan look, Trump appears menacing at times. “He looks like a bully” commented John Boltonnational security adviser in the Trump administration, given his remarks “an attempt to intimidate prosecutors and judges”. On the other hand, the photos go in the opposite direction. Bill Gatesor actors Mickey Rourke AND Steve McQueenAll three are smiling and almost cheerful (McQueen even makes a victory gesture with his fingers), which – like Trump’s grim look – helped to characterize these photos, making them virtually historical. However, these are exceptions, since in most cases photographs can make detainees feel humiliated.

Because photography is an immoral practice

Several legal experts reviewing photographs rights violation those who are in custody and believe that their publication should be stopped. “I just want people to know that I’m not really like that. I’m not some mob boss.” He said Jeremy Meeks thereafter, the day after his arrest, the Stockton Police Department in California posted a picture of him on Facebook, which went viral, mainly because Meeks (who is now a model) was especially attractive in the picture. On Project Marshallnews outlet covering criminal justice issues in the United States, journalist Keri Blaikenger, who was also arrested for drug possession in her youth, wrote that the stoppage of the photos wasn “collective step” To avoid “nailing” people to your crimeidentifying them only by what they have done in the past.

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