The time of the new crown epidemic.Expert Luis Carmela confirms the persistence of the virus, new outbreaks and a very high probability of reinfection

This morning, we interviewed Dr. Luis Carmela about the situation of the new coronavirus infection and the social outlook after the epidemic.

“It’s important to position yourself according to the situation, having heard some one-sided opinions, and not having a good understanding of the stage of the epidemic,” the expert criticized in an interview with the Freedom Trail.

The virus has been four years quickly, he said, “so obviously we’re in an epidemic and the virus has always been there, so we’re going to live with the virus forever,” he said.

“Once a virus is there, it’s going to explode,” he predicted. Likewise, he said, traditional respiratory viruses have cycles, “which are weather-related, stronger in winter and weaker in summer.” “, he analyzed.

COVID-19 is present year-round, in all climates, and cases are currently increasing in both the southern and northern hemispheres.

“So what I’m saying is that it doesn’t belong to any time of the year, that is, it’s always there, and the latest variants that come out have weird names that I’m really critical of, that even It sounds ridiculous,” he chided.

Just to be clear, viruses are airborne, viruses don’t swim, viruses fly, the point is that viruses are permanent and reinfect us.

He revealed that the virus has the ability to evade vaccines, “combined with the decline of our immunity over time, the possibility of reinfection is very high”, he predicted.

He also explained that COVID-19 had left some aftereffects in an important population and established two groups of severe and mild aftereffects. The serious ones are difficult patients during the COVID-19 period, some with pneumonia, severe treatment, some with pulmonary sequelae, some with heart disease, stroke, and some with thrombus in certain parts of the body.

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