The Belmond Hotel, a new iconic hotel born on Mexico’s Nayarit coast.

This dreamy “dream” is the result of a management agreement signed by the Belmond Group with Cora Pacific Developmentled by an entrepreneurial couple Barbara Machen and Rosetta Getty. This new synergy further enhances the presence of the Belmond group in Mexico, which – for dedicated enthusiasts – now also reaches the country’s west coast.

Responsibly built from the ground up, the Milaroca Hotel will complement the Group’s portfolio of other properties that already exist in Mexico: Sierra Nevada Housean ancient monastery built in the 16th century, in the heart of the country. San Miguel de Allende; updated Maromaalong Riviera Mayaon the peninsula Yucatanwhich will open in August after a complete renovation.

“We have an incredible opportunity in front of us: we can create the legend of the future together with the best partners that we could ever dream of,” he said enthusiastically. Ruland Vos, President and CEO of Belmond. “With the greatest respect for the multicultural history of the Riviera Nayarit, the lush nature and the relaxed spirit of the region, Milaroca will embody the essence of a modern lifestyle, thus becoming the ideal place for an active creative community – a fabulous new place to create and give life to innovative traditions and at the same time pay tribute to the centuries-old rituals.”

“Our families have been vacationing together for many years in this wonderful part of Mexico,” said Barbara Machen and Rosetta Getty. “As entrepreneurs in the world of creativity, we are well aware of how important it is for a destination to also be (and above all) an inspiration, and we want to share the magic that we feel every time we are here. In other words, we want to create a place for strong connections; where you can safely return every year; where families, friends and colleagues from all over the world can meet and feel good: a true oasis away from home.”

But that’s not all: Milaroca will offer 27 people the opportunity to purchase one of the exclusive designed private villas with all the services offered by Belmond. They will become part of a creative community, and the owners will be able to enjoy the facilities, participate in the cultural program organized by the hotel, enjoy the services and experiences that symbolize the hospitality of Belmond. Under the sign of hospitality and attention to detail. Inauguration? We’ll have to wait until 2025, but for now let’s think about our next trip.

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