“The dirtier the carrots, the better”: Millie Bobby Brown’s unusual take on a viral video clip puzzled netizens

Millie Bobby Brown, widely recognized for her role in Stranger Things, has suddenly become a viral sensation due to her passion for carrots, especially the unwashed and dirty ones. In the latest video interview, Brown’s love for the humble vegetable fades into the background, leaving viewers surprised and confused.

Millie Bobby Brown spoke candidly about carrots

The frenzy began when British media outlet UNILAD shared clips of their 11-minute interview with Brown on TikTok, first posted on YouTube in late September. While the total interview garnered a modest 41,000 views, shorter snippets on UNILAD’s TikTok account went viral, with one particular snippet highlighting Brown’s carrot enthusiasm racking up a whopping 8.3 million views.

In the video, Brown is seen playing with a carrot while evaluating the different shapes of vegetables supplied by UNILAD. She opts for baby carrots instead of shredded ones, but her final preference seems to be completely intact carrots, all green-topped. With a playful smile, she conveys, “They’re great,” she said. “The dirtier the better!”

Brown goes on to reveal that her mom commented on eating dirty carrots throughout her pregnancy, which may explain her love for them.

Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t like ranch dressing

The video generated more than 2,900 comments from visitors, many of whom found the whole situation funny and puzzling, especially while Brown also admitted to her dislike of ranch dressing, which some found controversial. One commenter humorously noted that I don’t like ranch, however: “I don’t like indoor ranch, but I’ll eat dirty carrots so what?”

Interestingly, some TikTok users drew parallels between Brown’s fascination with dirty carrots and characters from the British animated series Wallace and Gromit, attributing it to his stereotypically British demeanor and general fascination with everyday activities.

In response to the video, TikTokers responded in a variety of ways, from expressing love for Millie Bobby Brown to expressing utter confusion. One person even made a fan cam dedicated to the carrot phase, complete with visuals and music dedicated to the actor.

This unexpected moment of Brown’s love for unwashed carrots isn’t always new. In a November interview with Wired magazine, she learned that carrots were her favorite food and addressed frequent searches for them online. Additionally, in a 2020 chat with fellow actor Louis Partridge published via Glamor, Brown opened up about her love of carrots and how she ate them out of commercial-sized trash cans while filming Stranger Things.

Millie Bobby Brown’s unusual passion for carrots has sincerely captured the attention of the internet, showcasing her distinct personality beyond her career.

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