The Dutch piano: a directing technique that creates discomfort and tension

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Do you know what the Dutch plan consists of if we talk about film directing? It’s a technique that caught my attention and I’m telling you about it in this new appointment of my #MadVision column.

The art of cinema uses various techniques to make a film and bring suggestive and engaging shots to the screen for the viewer. Every director has his own style and ways of making his film impactful and technically convincing.

In particular, the technique of the has fascinated me over the years Dutch plan which consists of a shooting method used in cinema but also in photography and other visual arts. It is obtained by tilting the camera sharply to the side during framing, so that the horizon is diagonal to the edges of the image.

What is the Dutch plan

I dedicated a post on my Instagram profile that you can see below to better explain what it is about. I’ve also added some practical examples, quoting some cult films from the history of cinema that I think you’ve seen. If you still miss them, retrieve them and let me know if you feel the sense of unease that the Dutch plan wants to convey to the viewer.

The sense of unease between cinema and TV series

The Dutch Piano is used to convey situations of instability or perhaps tension, altered state of consciousness or psychological imbalance. Let me know if you can think of any other examples!

Taking into consideration, for example, the sequence of Adar in the series de The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerthe whole scene takes place at an angle, with Galadriel that through his speech he wants to intimidate and destabilize both him and us and even if unconsciously, the way in which the situation is framed, I assure you, helps to create this feeling of bewilderment. Compared to this I entered above Fourth Estate Of Orson Welles of 1941.

I hope you find this brief reflection on this cinematographic technique useful. In case let me know if you already knew her or not even by visiting my Instagram here.

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