The Excelsior Hotel in Venice, the chest that holds the secrets of the film festival.

“Cinema has been at home here since the beginning,” he says. Alessio Lazazera, General Manager. “It was August 7, 1932, when the lights went out on the terrace of the Excelsior Venice Lido Resort and the premiere screening of the world’s oldest film festival featuring Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hydea film admired by the public, with a beach on one side and an architectural masterpiece dedicated to hospitality on the other, along with guests such as Greta Garbo, Clark Gable AND Boris Karloff“. In short, as a leitmotif of almost a century, indeed a film that continues to enchant, the hotel does not disappoint expectations, moreover, every year it offers some amazing novelties: “Since then, the charm of our hotel has accompanied the magic of the Exhibition. and directs attention to this piece of paradise where the world’s elite is at home,” continues Lazazzera. “Our commitment is renewed every year in this inseparable connection with the cinema: the history of our hotel is connected with the history of the Festival, and we want everyone to experience the magic and charm of cinema and these places.”

Today the hotel is Italian pavilion updated where the Made in Italy pearls are revealed in the preview. Every star and diva has landed here before lighting up the red carpet, from Marlene Dietrich To Ingrid Bergam. She recently hosted Hollywood A-List from Sandra Bullock To Johnny Depp. The younger ones wanted to put on a show, Timothy Chalamet arrived on the roof of the boat (luxury boat-taxi), which was supposed to accompany him to the Lido.

The hotel truly brought to life the most glamorous moments of the Exhibition: Ben Affleck AND Jennifer Lopez recently they wanted it to become a real public event where all the romance of reciprocated love could be shown. Penelope Cruzwho won Volpi Cupindulged in public outpourings on a boat right here with her husband Javier Bardem. The couple, who chose to live in Spain to stay away from the deceptive glitz of Los Angeles, felt protected by the hotel and its grandeur, and even allowed themselves a few moments of well-deserved intimacy during the final victory dinner.

Yes, because the red carpet is often an impromptu show, like Oscar Isaac kissing his friend’s hand Jessica Chastainbut the real secrets are kept within these walls, ancient but very modern.

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