the footballer in the storm after the wild night

Eight of them in bed with 7 thousand euros of alcohol. The protagonist of the party (birthday) whose stolen photos are causing a sensation in England is the soccer player Dele Alli. The photos of the scandal were published by the British tabloid The Sun, which recounted the good night of the 27-year-old midfielder. In bed with him four girls and three friends, including another footballer: the 26-year-old Izzy Jay Brown, ex Chelsea. In another photo, Dele Alli is immortalized as he inhales from a balloon what – judging by the cylinders on the table – is nitrous oxide: laughing gas. Yet another shot shows him drinking a very expensive tequila straight from the bottle.

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Seven thousand euros of alcohol

According to reports from The Sun, Alli would have ended the evening at the home of one of the girls immortalized in the photo after having celebrated with rivers of alcohol in a club Manchester: according to the tabloid, the footballer and his company would have spent around “7 thousand euros on champagne and tequila”. Dele Alli, according to the latest information, is still engaged to Sports Illustrator model Cindy Kimberly.

The season is over

Alli, owned by Everton but on loan to Besiktas, returned to England after ending the season with the Turks early due to a hip injury for which he underwent surgery on Sunday, as he testified with a photo on Instagram directly from his bed (in hospital, this time). «Surgery done, everything successful and ok – wrote Alli in the post -. Thanks to all of you who have messaged me support. Unfortunately, this means that my season has come to an end. I want to take the time to say a big thank you to you Besiktas supporters for all the love you have shown me while you are at the club. It’s been a rough few weeks and I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to fully focus on my recovery. I will take a break from social media, work hard and come back when I am ready. We will see each other soon”.

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