The future of Gaza: European rejection of 3 things and approval of 3

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Monday presented proposals relating to the administration of the Gaza Strip in the post-war period between Israel and the Palestinian movement Hamas, and called on Arab countries to play a greater role in the Palestinian administration of the Strip. in the future.

Borrell, who will travel to Israel, the Palestinian territories and other neighboring countries this week, said we need to think about what will happen after the war, even as the fighting rages.

He added that the international community had failed “politically and morally” to reach a lasting solution to the long-standing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and that the time had come to strengthen efforts to reach a two-state solution.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels, Borrell laid out his proposals to oppose three things and agree to three others.

Borrell opposed any forced displacement of Palestinians from Gaza or the return of the Israeli army to permanently occupy the Strip or rezone it, in addition to objecting to the return of Hamas.

He said there should be a “Palestinian Authority,” which he said would be a “strengthened” version of the current Palestinian Authority that runs the West Bank, “with legitimacy defined and determined by the (UN) Security Council.”

Borrell called on Arab countries to participate forcefully in supporting the Palestinian Authority, and also stressed the need for the European Union to participate more in the region, especially in the creation of a Palestinian state.

“There will be no solution without a strong commitment from the Arab countries, and it cannot be limited to money. They cannot simply pay … the costs of physical reconstruction,” Borrell said.

He continued: “There must be a political contribution to building a Palestinian state.”

The European Union does not play a major diplomatic role in the current crisis, but it has some influence in the region, especially as it is the main party granting aid to the Palestinians.

“We have been absent for a long time. We have delegated the solution of this problem to the United States… but Europe needs to participate more,” Borrell said.

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