Wasabi: Why this Japanese spice is good for memory, a study shows

This Japanese spice has historically been used to combat bacteria in raw fish and other digestive ailments. Its brain health benefits are now being studied (Illustrative Image Infobae)

Wasabi is a typical sauce in Japanese cuisine used to season dishes such as Sushi or sashimi.It is made from a very rare tuber called Japonica mustard or Japanese horseradish.For those who can afford to resist it, it has a extreme itching. However, unlike other foods such as chili peppers or red peppers, the “burning” process is faster.

This condiment, widely used in Japanese cuisine, perfect with soy sauce sushi or as a complement to meat and other fish, has been analyzed by a team of research experts from Japan. cognitive health and Ageing, Ties with numerous institutions in Japan.According to them, consuming mustard can help Improve short-term and long-term memory retention inside Elderly people.

Previous research has shown that this substance Anti-inflammatory effect, Due to the action of 6-methylsulfinylhexylisothiocyanate (6-MSITC), it also has Antioxidant properties.However, in this new study published in the journal Nutrients, It has been found to improve cognitive abilities.

Its isothiocyanate content has a range of beneficial effects on brain health (Illustrative Image Infobae)

To come to these conclusions, experts had one group of elderly volunteers take mustard tablets every day for three months, while another group took a placebo.As noted, the ultimate goal is to validate statements from recent surveys to ensure improvements cognitive ability, due to an assumption Has a calming effect on the brain.When this substance acts as Replenish Available in many health food stores.

team asked 72 Japanese volunteers are aged between 60 and 80 Take one mustard tablet (containing 0.8 mg of 6-MSITC) or placebo tablet each night before and during sleep 12 weeks.

Researchers examined people with known diseases, Mental disorders, memory problems and those who have taken certain measures drug or what they drank a lot.Each volunteer was also asked to perform cognitive testing and memory before and after learning.

Researchers examine the possibility that mustard is not only an exotic condiment but also an ally of memory in older adults (Freepik)

Test results showed that volunteers who took mustard tablets showed Improvements in long-term and short-term memory, but their cognitive abilities did not change.Researchers also found that people who took mustard tablets gained Get better results in correlation testing, such as associating names with faces, which previous research has shown is a common problem among older adults. In contrast, those who received a placebo showed no improvements in cognition or memory.

This is a plant that grows in Japan and the Russian Far East; it has a green rhizome that some people compare to horseradish, which is commonly used as a food ingredient and condiment.Historically, it has also been considered a health spice as it is known to help reduce inflammation in various parts of the body.

Real mustard root is difficult to grow. It requires specific conditions such as shade, humidity, and cool temperatures. Therefore, authentic mustard can be said to be quite good. expensive And its availability outside of Japan is limited. grow under water Mountain rivers in Japan and pure water from China, Korea, New Zealand and North America.

Mustard has been found to improve cognitive performance due to its calming effect on the brain (Illustrative Image Infobae)

Their Antibacterial and antiseptic properties They have been used for centuries to eliminate harmful bacteria that raw fish may contain.In fact, there are studies confirming its effectiveness in combating Helicobacter pylorithe bacteria that cause gastritis and peptic ulcers.

Its taste is due to its content Glucosinolates Long chain.By grating the radish, these Sulfur compounds Contact with the plant’s own myrosinase enzyme and water, then becomes Isothiocyanatewith a series of beneficial health effects.

Japanese gourmets claim that the best wasabi, the one with the strongest flavor and aroma, is the one consumed within 2 minutes of grating the fresh stems (just like ginger).He probably lost part of it after 15 minutes Sensory qualities.

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