The health department proposes a new joint new crown vaccination plan, but the number of people vaccinated is small

Will we need to be vaccinated against the new crown again by the end of this year? Yes, there will be a fifth or sixth vaccination – depending on the type of population – but each time fewer people will be vaccinated.

That is, users of nursing homes, patients with chronic diseases, immunosuppressed people and possibly health and social hygiene personnel will be vaccinated again.

The general population under the age of 60 was excluded from this memory dose last year. They are allowed to voluntarily vaccinate, but some even say “not recommended”. The message will be the same.

The Vaccine Conference’s latest report to the Public Health Committee (where the community is represented) aims to influence the ease of boosting immunity for the most vulnerable, but not in any way: not with the same commonly used vaccines.

Some reports say that the latest Covid-19 variants are immunologically able to evade much of the impact of existing vaccines, making it necessary to update them.

The specialist in occupational risk prevention at the Salamanca Hospital believes that news will come in a few weeks, and that it will likely follow the same approach as in 2022: a vaccination campaign in the same operation, while targeting the covid-19 virus that co-infects with the flu vaccine. Virus.

“Combined vaccination has been shown to be feasible and well tolerated. Salamanca Aid Complex states that there are no contraindications”, although they point out that this “good prior experience” is based on the use of mRNA vaccines: Pfizer and Moderna.

“It’s also not known what vaccine will be launched,” they added. Predictably, Pfizer will continue to be the brand of choice in Spain as it updates its serum to new variants and manufactures and distributes millions of vials. Out of the most agile brands in a short amount of time.

The World Health Organization has made it clear that it will bet on a new vaccine with a single variant (XBB). In other words, forgetting about the Wuhan and Omicron variants forces the immune system to respond to new threats rather than “refresh” its memory to what it already knows, since the response will be weaker.

Sacyl buys 25,000 doses of flu vaccine for children ages 2 to 5

The official calendar of vaccinations for the current Lifetime System of Castile and León has been updated for the current fiscal year 2023 to include a schedule for influenza vaccination services for the age group of children 6 to 59 months (up to 59 months). novelty to five years).

The General Directorate of Public Health has processed a contract for 25,000 doses of the attenuated intranasal vaccine to the Military Government’s Management Council, whose budget amounts to 445,454 euros. Specifically, the intranasal vaccine will be given to children aged 24 to 59 months because nasal administration produces a better immune response for these users than parenteral vaccines, which are suitable for children aged 6 to 59 months. Children as young as 23 months have direct access to the main route of entry of pathogens into the body.

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