Flavio Briatore warmly welcomes daughter Leni Klum to the family: here’s how – MOW

In full Flavio Briatore style, the family’s welcome banquet for Leni Klum’s (unidentified) biological daughter, a young model born in 2004 to Heidi Klum after their relationship ended. Here’s a picnic for you … But the girl with whom the entrepreneur has been getting close lately seems to have liked

TOpicnic face… Was in full Flavio Briatore style family welcome banquet (at least that’s how it was interpreted) biological daughter of Leni Klum (was with model Heidi Klum and unrecognised) who spends time with the entrepreneur and his “half-brother” Nathan Falco Briatore (was with former F1 manager Elisabetta Gregoracci and is regularly inserted into the lineage instead). The scene in the presence of a richly laid table, documented on Instagram, appealed to followers who appreciate the closeness with the girl years later, called somewhat turbulent and definitely characterized by distance. Upon arrival at his father’s garden, a young model born in 2004, among other things, found a cake decorated with cream and a cake with the words “Welcome Leni” written on it. (“Welcome, Leni”). But there were a few other delicacies that make Briatore’s signature (“picnic in the garden with @leniklum”) seem a bit ironic, or at least euphemistic, given the gastronomic “balance of power.” Either way, the girl seemed to appreciate it, given the smile. To the right of the father Nathan Falco was there too.

Questionregarding the relationship between Briatore and Leni, just last year, the entrepreneur again publicly approached the girl, born after the end of the relationship between the manager (who opposed the DNA test) and Heidi Klum, who then began dating the singer Seal: “At that time,” Briatore explained, “I lived in London, Heidi lived in Los Angeles. We could hear each other on the phone, but that was not enough, and the newborn has to grow up with his mother. Then came Sil. The child must grow up in a family. For this reason, I decided to leave Leni to live with her mother, I was away and too busy with work.

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