“You steal the show from the bride”

Wedding season is in full swing and parties are knocking left and right as guests struggle to find an outfit that fits the occasion (wedding in the evening or wedding at lunchtime?) without having to suffer too much in those obviously high heels. However, there are those who need a brief overview of the etiquette of this day, dedicated, yes, entirely to the bride. Among them too Hailey Bieberinundated with criticism for an unusual choice.

Let’s find out why and what the wife did Justin Bieber.

Stephanie Shepherdformer personal assistant Kim Kardashian He is married Larry Jacksonmusic producer, in Beverly Hills, and for the occasion, the most famous and famous people were invited, including Justin Bieber, his wife Hailey Bieber and the Kardahian clan.

Hailey Bieber wore a high neckline dress from Fancy Club. Mortal Holy Grailworth €415, complete with Femme LA Laguna Slipper mules (€199), aquamarine high heels and finally a very rare aquamarine version of the Bottega Veneta Mini Jolie. It would seem a simple but expensive outfit, but Hailey was bombarded with criticism for her dress. Cause? The color of the selected dress.

The dress worn by Hailey Bieber was not only white, but also had a plunging back that left her completely exposed. “You outshine the bride! I can’t believe you really did it,” the hater wrote under the post that the model posted on her Instagram profile, where she shows off the outfit. Numerous attacks soon followed.

Who knows how the bride will react to the sight of Hayley, because she overshadows the whole show.

A dress code may or may not be required at a wedding, but good manners teach that there are some mistakes you really shouldn’t make when it comes to dressing as a guest so you don’t risk stealing the show from the bride. who has been dreaming of this moment for years (perhaps) and orchestrated it down to the smallest detail, apparently starting with her wedding dress, with the reception dresses, cake cutting and disco balls attached. In a word, a real unpaid job, which is in danger of being overshadowed by a guest who pays little attention to good manners.

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