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On 14 July 2023, SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) she joined theit since May, giving rise to a reprisal of epochal dimensions that, in fact, has stopped Hollood for the first time in over sixty years. When it comes to celebrities, fashion comes hand in hand and, now that among the actors involved in the strike there are also many testimonials of the most famous luxury brands, it is spontaneous to ask what will be the repercussions on fashion sy. But first things first.

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What’s going on with the Hollood

The strike is part of a larger movement for workers rights in the United States, which saw a renewed interest in unions in several industries. In the specific case of cinema, the SAG-AFTRA – representing 160 thousand actors and professionals in the sector — and theAlliance of Motion Picuture and Television Producers – which instead represents film studios and streaming services — they could not find an agreement for the three-year renewal of the contract that regulates their relationships. The protest has to do mainly with the royalty: if, in the past, actors, screenwriters, directors continued to receive a profit every time the films they had worked on were shown on television, thus ensuring a passive income even after many years, today on-demand streaming platforms, such as Netfli TV In addition, the workers of the big screen would be also worried about the introduction of generative AI and its possible consequences in the creative field, with the fear that its applications will one day replace their roles.

What does fashion have to do with Hollood

As always, very much-especially in the era when, more than ever, it overlaps with entertainment. The fact is that, to join the strike, the insiders of the cinema (including also many celebrities of world renown) they must comply with a regulation that provides not only abstention from the set but also the termination of any promotional activity. In a nutshell: no red carpet, no press tours and press conferences, no interviews or magazine covers to present upcoming films, no film festivals, no social coverage of precious behind-the-scenes moments ,no red carpet (did we mention that?). It’s no small thing, considering that the red carpet and promotional photos that make the rounds on social media have a potential for virality far higher than the shows themselves — just recently, we were talking about the incredible media value achieved by Margot Robbie with the studied Barbie looks sported during the press tour. Think of the Venice Film Festival, in Cannes, at the night of the Oscars: impossible to imagine them without the parade in style of actors and actresses dressed in dream clothes followed by a roundup of memes and social comments. Yet, at least as far as Venice is concerned, somehow we will have to deal with it because (unless things settle overnight) this year it seems that we will not see Louis Vuitton Zenda ed – to represent, respectively, the films Challengers e Poor Thing —, nor Penelope Cruz in Chanel – for the movie Ferrari just to name a few. The one between stars and luxury brands has always been one co-dependency relationship doing both parties favor and for some brands, the red carpet is an essential marketing strategy based on multi-million dollar contracts. It goes without saying that this is not a small problem. Yet for fashion brands not everything could come to harm.

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What are the pros and cons?

Fashion houses may even end up making money from it. Nothing forbids the actors to appear in fashion campaigns, fashion films, magazine covers, fashion shows (both front ro and on the catwalk), it is enough only that the appearance is not related to the release of a movie or TV series. Indeed, we can only predict that for the stars fashion can act as a relief valve, a sort of fertile and safe soil to remain relevant even while they find themselves in fact “out of work”. Not to mention that the communication and marketing departments of the companies have already made their bones during the lockdon In short, we can certainly expect more covers, more campaigns with known faces, more appearances at the various fashione E the fashion will continue to be made even with the hosted at the late-night show, on the other hand, for years the salons of Fall imm Fall Fallon, Ellen imm K Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres are competing with the red carpet for the studied outfits with which the stars are presented and, even without upcoming films, the pretext for a chat “between friends” is always found. Another interesting tool to experiment with could be the format of the fashion film: let’s think about the lucky case the GucciFest, a fusion project between fashion and cinema announced by the fashion house in November 2020, or at film production company opened this spring by Y. If brands can be said to be safe, however, to suffer the negative effects of this strike will be everything the often invisible undergrowth of insiders which depends directly on the celebrities but operates on its own, remaining in fact without any protection. StlThey are already seeing their income halved without even having a say.

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