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The actress has been missing in the US for the longest time and has decided to buy a second life where she can find peace of mind when she needs it.

Let’s just say that actors and actresses travel around the world many times to find that place that is in heaven. For example, for George Clooney and Emily Blunt this place is Lake Como, and for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones it is a mansion in Mallorca, located between Valldemosa and Deia, one of the most idyllic areas of the Spanish island.

Others, without an embargo, prefer to look for larger homes, or at least what they are currently looking for. Ana de Armas managed to leave Spain after winning here on a small and large panel with corresponding headings El Internado, which was talked about so much among the millennial generation, which even continued to “reboot” heading to Los Angeles. Specifically speaking, the actress decided to try her hand at the other side of history, excuse the phrase, by moving to Los Angeles. Angeles pursues the dream of triumph in Hollywood. Curious enough to end up interpreting Marilyn’s article. Blondea film that earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

It’s been years since the Latino-Cuban artist toured the country, and now I’m ready to look forward to a slew of successful productions at hand. Blade Runner 2049 hasta Sword strikes and included an article in the saga of James Bond Joining Daniel Craig, he also has a second residence in Vermont.

De acuerdo al diario norteamericano Page six, the actress found rural work in the city-state, in the north of the country, on the border with Canada, for cost 7 million dollars. According to what was published in the middle, this new refuge of Ana de Armas is located in the mountains and includes six dormitories, two bathrooms, never knowing when it might hold an emergency, and 12 hectares of land.

Ana de Armas, who fell in love with actor Marc Cloete in 2011, broke up with him in 2013 and maintained a romantic relationship with Ben Affleck, which continued from the beginning Deep watersUp until this time with Jennifer Lopez, I really enjoyed it. socket place and the paparazzi during this period of his life so that he would not be an outsider, but now that his fame is growing exponentially, he has decided to lead a life without the noise of the world so that he can switch off when necessary.

The actress, who became the first ambassador for Louis Vuitton’s luxury jewelry line, moves on to Twitter vice president Paul Boukadakis, with whom he began collaborating in 2020 and who accompanied her in quotes, as noted above on Oscar night. .

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