Kate Middleton, ‘midnight snack’: ‘William makes it for her personally’

Kate and William They have been married for over 10 years now and their relationship has strengthened significantly recently. The couple found how to make themselves work weddingbetween official obligations and those of both the royal family and their little ones. George, Charlotte AND Louis.

However, some days can be very difficult, and when we meet in the evening after putting the little ones to bed, Prince of Wales he usually makes a special snack to relieve stress royal princess.

Let’s find out together what it is.

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Prince William usually prepares a special snack to make his life easier. stress and the tension of the beloved Princess Kate, having spent very difficult days. The special snack is alcoholic. Actually it’s Gin and tonic which can never be missed at the end of the day (especially the more complex ones).

A very close friend told me about this Prince of Wales who admits: “He does it because he loves to take care of his family and Kate in particular. You feel a lot of media pressure, but William he is always there for her.”

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