The key to the success of ‘Bailarina’, the upcoming Korean film that is the most watched on Netflix

With the latest promotion in mind to receive multiple titles Netflixthe outcome of the films is just as unexpected, Baylarinaa Korean thriller set at the center of the film, which became the most-watched English-language film for the second week in a row.

It’s a big movie with a similar atmosphere to the John Wick universe, which is expected to be released in 2024 with a movie of the same name and starring Ana de Armas. And even if he seems to be lying, he pays attention to the stage presence of his protagonist. Jang Ok-ju (Jung Jeong-seo)a woman who, from the moment of her first appearance, makes it clear that it is better for Nadi to stand in her way.

One day, Ok Joo meets Min Hee (Park Yoo Rim), an old school friend and a girl who seems like his ideal match. Dehecho, it will be there Min Hee’s unexpected death what Ok-Joo will need to go on the trip. Which will certainly lead to a surprise final ride.

That’s all

When viewers first get to know Ok Joo, they will understand that he is decadent and woman with few words, even considering the adrenaline that must be expected to stop in the middle of a group of thieves. He is alone in his room and darkness fills his life until he returns with his friend Min Hee.

When entering a friend’s error, put it on march arrival plan and he walks the path between his enemies to investigate Min Hee’s death. That we learn more from separate flashbacks involving both. And little by little we will discover that the connection we shared was fundamental to Ok-Joo.

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De hecho, for example This friend is similar but different from him. Baylarina from other similar thrillers, which typically involves prioritizing the characters’ romantic relationships or family connections. And this is also different from the above female perspectivewhich can often be seen in genre films.

The secret of the result

Let’s focus on the next path, keeping our feet firmly on the ground, Baylarina It’s also really nice because she’s at the center of the story.

“Bailarina” – a Korean film that captivated audiences

His form of action and the rage he exudes makes the character a magnet for the audience, who are encouraged to follow him anywhere, even if they want to shed a little blood on the side of the road.

Without wanting to completely unpack the story in favor of a more enjoyable one, I would ask that only the last reason why be mentioned Baylarina It’s a pleasure: because it holds an unexpected and pleasant discovery.

And if the previous story wasn’t enough to convince the audience to ask the question, perhaps it was something irreparable and it was done anyway, if only to see how it would end by involving the main character.

“Bailarina” is available on Netflix.

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