The Kolors, Italodisco continues to make progress: a mid-August record that drives Stash wild with joy

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The Kolors, still good news for the band (Instagram source @thekolors_stash (

A summer of great results is confirmed for The Kolors, the group has achieved one consensus after another with the summer hit Italodisco.

Stash, the band’s frontman, as well as the band’s other members, are enjoying this golden age and never miss an opportunity to thank his fans for the affection and closeness they have shown him all the time.

Even on holidays, on the day mid August former face of Amici, talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi got another talent recognition. Really Italodisco it was confirmed that most played song on radio on the days from August 11 to Monday August 14.

In second place instead crazy music Marco Mengoni and Elodie, and the third place – “Dance of the Night” by Dua Lipa. The news filled the group with joy and they couldn’t help but thank their audience once again.

Thus, it is confirmed that Kolors one of the most popular pop-rock bands of recent years. Their first song was released in 2011 and during this decade their success has been overwhelming.

The Kolors, their moment of great success continues

Antonio Fiordispino, Alex Fiordispino and Daniele Mona therefore they dominate the domestic rankings. They rose to prominence in 2015 when they won the Amici talent show and from that moment on, the rise of the Italian music scene has been a crescendo.

Radio Colors
Magic moment for the group
(photo on Instagram @thekolors_stash) –

Already at the Canale 5 school, Stash showed that he had endurance, charisma, character and determination. He was born in 1989 in Caserta but grew up in Cardito di Napoli. He had a long-term relationship of 10 years with Carmen Fiorentina which ended in 2017.

Today romantically involved with Julia BelmonteBorn in 1995, journalist, model and dancer from Pescara. They have two daughters and usually share photos and videos of you being happy together on their Instagram profile.

Fans never miss an opportunity to remind them how much they appreciate them by praising their closeness and the harmony they create together. Julia and Stash are literally perfect together, the happiness that pervades them shines in their eyes.

Just take a look at Stash’s social profile to understand. how happy he is with his lovely family. The singer is always sunny, cheerful, which is an irrefutable sign of how serene and calm he is in his personal life. And the public could not get enough of him.

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