The microphone thrown by Cardi B from the stage will be sold at a charity auction.

Last weekend Cardi B he was on stage when a fan poured water on her from a glass and she reacted by throwing a microphone at her. This microphone was found and will be auctioned And proceeds will go to charity.

That decision was made by Sott Fisher, the owner of a company that supplies sound to various clubs in Las Vegas, who easily tracked down the microphone assigned to Cardi B that evening. , still works despite the fall.

How much will the microphone released by Cardi B sell for?

The starting bid on eBay is $500. for a microphone that actually cost 1,000, but Fisher is confident that the auction price will rise soon. Revenuewhatever it is will be donated to two different organizations: The Wounded Warriors Project, a charity that supports veterans, and Las Vegas Circle of Friendship, a local organization in Las Vegas that helps children, teens, and young people with “special needs.”

Meanwhile Cardi B fights police investigation How injured woman from the microphone decided to complain.

Photo: Instagram – LaPresse.

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