The Missing Feminist: Silvina Luna and the Stereotype Trap, How Can You Not Fall Beautiful?

For 12 years, Silvina Luna endured not only physical pain caused by medical malpractice, but also constant cruelty on social networks.

Silvana Luna is beautiful. Natural beauty. It was this natural beauty that made her stand out on “Big Brother” twenty-two years ago. She was 21 at the time, and until a few months ago, her health had been brought under control, and the same freshness remained, about the brutality she received onlineeven though the whole world knows that the ordeal he has honestly endured since 2011 was caused by inappropriate behavior during cosmetic surgery.

The name of the executioner responsible for chronic kidney injury By injecting methacrylate into the body We also know. Hannibal Lotocki Same Doctor Who Beloved Fashion Producer Publicly Blames Mariano Caprarola Just fifteen days earlier, he had succumbed to complications from an operation similar to the one performed on Silvina before his death. The doctor walked the streets with impunity and until recently continued to operate.He has the authority of what he calls knowledge and has produced healthy, beautiful and glowing people like Silvina and Mariano who are looking for undiagnosed physical changesput yourself in his hands and trust him sincerely.

But there’s another ghost that the two deadly victims talked about, and that’s Societal gaze relentlessly judges the decisions and bodies of others. Silvina made this clear in an Instagram post she shared five months ago: “I’ve got a darker tan, but Many teenage girls could be killed by such damaging information. (…) In order to seek my worth abroad, I made a decision and today I am responsible for the consequences. I’d love for them – and his generosity even outweighed his pain at the time – to allow them to look inside themselves and realize that value isn’t in whether you have a rounder face, or whether you’re fatter or more thin. You don’t think about dead bodies”.

He also said this in an interview with María Laura Santillán at Infobae back then, and now it has transcendent (and irreversible) value: “I fell into the stereotype trap. They don’t really exist, but I want to see myself somehow. I was on the stage of a musical, working with physicists. I don’t think I’m enough of myself. “. She, just her, was radiant and perfect and yet it didn’t feel like enough.

That’s why her message to teenage girls is so meaningful. If even she “falls into the trap”, what else can, what can be left for others? Even if those of us who do not live under environmental pressure can do it without falling, how can we not fall? How not to fall when not only have we learned something else, but new pedagogy has failed to go hand in hand with real change, and it is never enough to simply repeat that “no opinion of others or we are all beautiful”?

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While we mourn Silvina Luna now, we can’t stop asking honestly how many times we’ve found ourselves poring over someone else’s dead body (Photo: Alejandro Beltrame)

It’s a paradox, she tells herself, too: She started her career on a “Life Itself” reality show, Attracted by TV commercials for weight loss treatments. The public has witnessed and complained about her gaining weight at home, and her physical changes—whether it’s wearing silicone or looking more athletic—are part of what draws her close: daily screens On the other side, in front of the mirror, millions of women (as well as men and non-binary people) They deal – we deal – with the imposition of beauty. She did it in full view.

“I fell into the trap of stereotypes,” Silvina candidly repeats as she waits for the miracle transplant to save her life. According to the latest data from the Center of Expertise, Argentina is the second country with the most cases of eating disorders (TCA) after Japan. One in three people (mainly women) suffers from a problematic relationship with food as they grow up, sometimes throughout their lives. As we’ve seen these days, these speeches are repeated not only on television but also in medical offices, where they are supposed to care for us, not “inject us with death,” as Mariano lamented.

We live in one world – one country! — Even Anonymous can hardly stay away from the addictive and perverse game of The Exhibition.In a world where girls begin undergoing surgery during adolescence, it’s almost like a rite of passage: entering adulthood is recognizing that we are inadequate, and Beauty, like wisdom, is man-made and requires pain and many filters. In this world, Anonymous knows that, beyond words and kindness, appearances — still! — opening or closing doors for us in our work, social life, and love. How can Silvina not fall into the trap – how can you beautiful not fall into the trap? –if In the audience, the women themselves scrutinize every centimeter of her sculpted body, almost for movementevery possible cellulite pit on your surfer pageant tail?

Now we weep and be shocked by the tragedy of a young, beautiful, beloved woman who suffered unjustly and publicly long before her criminal surgery culminated in her death – another A pointless paradox where fame and death are at hand. – but blaming the victim has never been easier, Victim: Even She blamed herself for the decision to undergo surgeryit was evident today that it was useless to remember that he did not need it.

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Silvina Luna’s death leaves a horrific truth: For a society where beauty standards never seem to be met (@silvinalunaoficial)

Did he escape with his body while working in the burlesque theater? The culprits have first and last names, no doubt about it, but how much responsibility do we have for continuing to cling to these stereotypes of unattainable beauty, even for the most striking of women?Again: Sylvana isn’t famous for being ugly, but It also failed to free her from the judgment of others or herself.

“I don’t think it’s enough.” I listened to it again with María Laura, tears streaming from my eyes.It seems unbelievable to see Beautiful even in her punished body: How can one of the most beautiful girls not be enough? How can someone who has exceeded any standard from the start, perhaps one of the closest things to a stereotypical Barbie doll, fall short?

In addition to being beautiful, Silvina is also very intelligent. It’s not some crazy or ridiculous twist that she feels like she needs to go through countless sessions of therapy to sustain her acting and modeling career. A few months ago, when I was already hospitalized, I wrote this column for a series of articles in The Economist that came to my attention in which various analysts were consulted and they concluded that Some conclusions, evident from the drama that moves us today: the experience of having a body inadequate for the world we inhabit is “personal, but at the same time universal.”under the title “Thin economy”the publication assured that “it is financially reasonable for an ambitious woman to attempt to become thinner by all possible means,” and “For an obese woman, losing weight can increase her salary like getting a master’s degree.”

I repeat what I was thinking In a system that commodifies us while simultaneously selling us messages of self-acceptance, nothing is enough. This obsession is common, with people of all ages, but it’s not something pathological, it’s almost a matter of common sense. We don’t feel enough because we never have enough. This is what Silvina calls the stereotype trap: reaching a position of privilege—her name on theater marquees, a rising career in media, achieved through hard work— But always knowing little, always lacking, always less than we should or are expected of us. Arriving because we passed the examination of the beauty standard of the moment, but always worry about falling short. Knowing that is not enough.

So sad because seeing the smiling neighbor girl at Big Brother’s house and making jokes ended so unexpectedly. The pain that Silvana had to go through – so great and for so long – was just hers and that of her family and friends. But the message he tries to leave until the last moment, especially to the girls, is part of our collective tragedy: The trap is too big to avoid It is not enough to strictly adhere to all standards. Nothing is enough. Life and death is not enough, because the trial continues.

Aside from the fact that justice was not served while she was alive, and that the full responsibility of the law ultimately fell on her executioner, we owe Silvina a great grief for her memory and for those who have been with her through the ages . Most of all, she’s a sincere reflection, and a more noticeable change than appearances.

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