The new favorite trend of celebrities and tiktokers is to go without shoes

Once upon a time, children who went barefoot, grew their hair, and preached love and a celebration of living together with nature were disparagingly called forest lovers in 1970s society, people who meant nothing, according to 1970s society. good music they listened to. Today, when the fashion of that time seems to be back to take to the fashion week catwalk in full swing, hippie style back in fashion walk barefoot included. The first to revive this trend were Shawn Mendes and his smoothie squad, e Jacob Elordimost recently, barefoot paparazzi intended to drink iced coffee in complete peace, and then Kanye, photographed in Italy wearing a smart black suit but no shoes. There are those who claim that this trend originated in that episode. succession in which Lucas Mattson, the billionaire played by Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, steps out of his plane barefoot, but judging by the internet’s growing interest in content creators like @Georgewoodvillewhich convinces passers-by to try walking around the city barefoot, and also for hashtags such as #barefootbenefit, which now has over 26 million views, this new trend seems to have more to do with health than looks. But how healthy is walking barefoot?

In addition to being a decidedly fashionable look, presented Etro During the SS23 menswear show, artists and celebrities flaunted on stage and in coffee shops, walking barefoot is an experience for many that combines spirituality with physical well-being. The practice of walking barefoot to feel more connected to nature is called grounding or groundingunites several ancient civilizations – Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and even traditional Chinese medicine deeply believed in healing properties of the earthand as Clinton Ober explains in Grounding, the most important discovery in health (2014), “Living in close contact with the Earth’s natural surface charge naturally discharges and prevents chronic inflammation in the body.”

Despite the exhaustive amount of content posted on TikTok by lifestyle advocates illustrating how modern shoes have radically changed the shape of our legs, scientific studies on the benefits of walking barefoot contrast sharply with each other. While several podiatrists interviewed by Time were horrified that walking barefoot is a bad idea, especially in public places like gyms and swimming pools, the Washington Post explains that wearing orthopedic insoles in the ground improves circulation, reduces inflammation and stress levelsA: Basically, it depends on the situation. IN Dancing barefoot, Patti Smith uses barefoot dancing as a metaphor for an unprecedented sense of euphoria. Is it time to leave sneakers and mules on the shoe shelf? Summer is not over yet, and if you do not want to try yourself as a fakir, it does not hurt to try.

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