The new flagship shoes from Nike are the trail sandals

For Nike, the position at the top of the sneaker hierarchy is not at all precarious. From all points of view, the Portland sportswear giant remains the largest shoe brand on the planet and one of the most influential in the world of fashion with a capital M; it’s hard to imagine one of his designs going unnoticed. Imagine our surprise when, scouring the Nike website, we discovered some absurd models hidden in the sandals section.

On the one hand, we understand the oversight. Nike built its empire through designs rooted in the world of athletic performance (although the brand broadened the meaning most of all). A pair of chill sandals doesn’t go hand in hand with philosophy “Just Do It”.

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Nike Offline 3.0

Nike Offline 3.0

Call it the ripple effect of obsession with women mules or put it down to general weariness with laces, but Nike put a powerful spell on their sandals and it shows. True to the reputation of Swooshes, are a far cry from the sleek leather models you’d pack for your Mediterranean vacation. Nike’s sandals capitalize on the brand’s ability to blend innovative materials with the eye-catching silhouettes that its competitors struggle to approximate.

If you’re lucky enough to go on a spontaneous spring hike, the strappy model awaits you Oneonta and its declination View. Do you want to tackle more difficult terrain? The Air Deschutzcushioned sandals by ACG extension, the brand’s outdoor label, will keep your feet comfortable as you log the kilometers you’ve traveled. And for the quieter lovers of gorpcorethe Offline shoe, one of the flagship models of the pandemic that continues to sell out, is ideal for moving around base camp (your living room) while contemplating the idea of ​​leaving your apartment.

You don’t even have to wait for spring to officially kick off. Their heavy silhouette makes them perfect combined with a puffer but also with a shell jacket and Bermuda shorts. You could wear them to hit the trails, sure, but to maximize their comfort/swag ratio, wear them with Justin Bieber’s sassy taste. Bonus points for teaming them with socks and cargo pants.

Nike ACG Air Deschutz+

Nike ACG Air Deschutz+

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