Kylie Jenner and that iconic childhood memory with Gwen Stefani

Kylie Jenner she has lived in the spotlight since she was a child as the protagonist of Keeping Up With The Kardashians along with sister Kendall Jenner and older half-sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian.

Many images of her childhood, therefore, are not new to us but there is a precious memory of baby Kylie beyond the TV series which the influencer herself has the pleasure of re-proposing every now and then: her first concertthat of Gwen Stefaniin 2005.

In fact, he recently shared again, in his Instagram stories, the clip of that moment, which took place at the age of 8 years oldreiterating that he will never get over it and tagging the singer.

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But Kylie, with her bubbly personality and her protagonism typical of someone who, like her, was born under the sign of Leo, could she ever limit herself to attending the concert in the audience? Obviously not!

During the performance of the hit Hollaback Girl, little Kylie, on the shoulders of a dancer, sang a verse with Gwen and then continued to dance wildly on stage.

Now, Kylie Jenner is 25 years old, has two children, is a world celebrity and is the founder of successful millionaire brands but, at least publicly, she seems to have lost that lightness and naturalness that distinguished her, not only as a child but also as a teenager .

Perhaps accomplices maturity, motherhood, new experiences but… it seems that fame, haters and social networks played a fundamental role in the change of attitude, as admitted by her in her first therapy session.

Hoping that Kylie will, sooner or later, feel comfortable showing her funnier and more lively sides again, it’s refreshing to see some light-hearted clips from her past without filters (in every sense).

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