the new floral look is branded

Singer Shakira flew to New York for the Tonight Show: at the airport she sported a casual and colorful outfit with a “flowery” bomber jacket and hat

Shakira, file photo

Shakira, file photo

Permanently archived the chapter Gerard Piquethe pop star Shakira she is enjoying a moment of great success: she has been invited to the Tonight Show Of Jimmy Fallon where he also gave a new performance of his catchphrase “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol.53“. The paparazzi immortalized her on arrival at New York, as she walked through the airport with her children. For the occasion, she showed off a new casual and designer look that seems like a true declaration of intent!

Shakira’s floral look

To fly from Barcelona to New York Shakira wore a pair of comfortable oversized black jeans with rips, combined with a black bomber jacket with a printed motif of red roses. After all, as Miley Cyrus sings, each of us can give ourselves a bouquet of flowers without waiting for a man: Shakira took it literally and in her new single life she decided to ‘wear’ roses, a symbol of love and passion. The bomber is signed Dolce&Gabbana and is on sale on the site for 2,250 euros.

Shakira's bomber jacket is signed by Dolce&Gabbana

Shakira’s bomber jacket is signed by Dolce&Gabbana

The singer completed the look with a matching baseball cap – also Dolce&Gabbana – and a bucket bag by Balenciaga. Considering the price of the accessories (350 euros for the cap and 750 euros for the bag) the price of the outfit exceeds 3500 euros!

Nathan Falco Briatore, the new look is with a designer hat and a shaved heart in his hair

Dolce&Gabbana hat

Dolce&Gabbana hat

Shakira’s look on the Tonight Show

For the program Shakira changed her clothes and showed off a total black look with ‘rodeo’ leather pants and transparent body with cut out cuts to sing her hit along with the audience. During the interview she showed off all her sensuality with a black bustier mini dress with glittering applications combined with leather boots. In recent months there has been a lot of talk about Shakira’s revenge looks, from the fluorescent pink bra to the ‘ice queen’ patent sheath dress: is the floral look, perfect for spring, the look of rebirth?

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