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A dream team to celebrate twenty years of career. He definitely thought big Giuliano Sangiorgi who, today, Friday 17 March, published “Diamonds“, the new single by Negramaro shared with two heavyweights of Italian music, namely Eliza and Young people and destined to dominate the radio charts for some time. A very particular piece that of the Salento band, the culmination of a journey that began with the more classic apprenticeship and then took off conspicuously in 2005 after participating in the Sanremo Festival in the youth section.

Three voices, one song

The three artists had already crossed paths with each other in the past, but never all together at the same time. Elise for example, he actively contributed to “Basta cosi”, a single by the Apulians released in 2011. Sangiorgi, for his part, duetted with the Friulian in “I would like to lift you”, a piece from 2008. The collaboration between Lorenzo and the colleague, who lent his voice to “Safari”, but twelve months earlier the Tuscan rapper had released the poignant “Cade la rain” together with the band, taken from one of Giuliano and Co’s most impactful albums, “La Finestra ”. To complete the picture it is worth noting the recent and very successful “Palla al centro”, a summer hit of 2022 signed by Elisa and Jovanotti.

Negramaro Diamonds Elisa Jovanotti Life&People MagazineBut it doesn’t end there. Because in addition to Andre, the producer Sixpm took care of directing everything, a musician who recently started a partnership both with the author of “Penso Positive” and with the native of Monfalcone, effectively closing a circle made of friendship, esteem mutual and a lot, a lot, love for music. And it is actually love in the totalitarian sense that is displayed in “Diamonds“, a sort of three-way conversation where feeling manages to cross all possible limits, thanks to the only weapons available to the individual, empathy and forgiveness.

The pop rock of Negramaro, the celestial notes of Elisa, the grafts of Lorenzo

It is also particularly interesting to see how the three extremely characteristic voices manage to unite, creating an effective and very interesting effect. The beginning is entrusted to Sangiorgi, who then follows Elise. Together they therefore state the first sentence. Only after that comes the intervention of Jovanotti, unsettling at first glance, but which slowly finds its place, therefore the beauty, as the piece progresses.

Negramaro Diamonds Elisa Jovanotti Life&People MagazineThe sensation is of listening to something extremely sincere and above all authentic. Therefore, after the three and a half minutes of music, the real friendship of the three artists involved emerges, an aspect that is not easy to identify in today’s mainstream.

20 years of Negramaro

As mentioned at the beginning, the new single is also a way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Salento team, formed way back in 2001 in Cupertino and exploded in 2005 with the participation in Sanremo (Youth category) thanks to “While everything flows”, still today the most famous song in its repertoire. From that moment on, an unstoppable rise will begin that will lead them to release nine albums published, including seven in the studio, a live recording and a collection.

Negramaro Diamonds Elisa Jovanotti Life&People MagazineTHE Negramaro, just to celebrate their anniversary in the best possible way, this summer they will launch a tour, not surprisingly called N.20, consisting of nine dates spread across three historic locations in our country. On 13, 14 and 16 June they will perform in the evocative setting of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. In July however, precisely on the 19th, 21st and 22nd, Sangiorgi and the others will be on stage in Syracuse, within the wonderful setting of the Greek Theater. The Grand Finale is scheduled for the Arena di Verona, where the show will be staged on 22nd, 23rd and 24th September.

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