DC Universe – Ben Affleck denies his involvement as director: “I will not direct anything for James Gunn’s DC”

Ben Affleck, during a long interview for The Hollywood Reporter, denied his involvement in the renewed DC Universe, both as an actor and as a director, revealing the reasons that led him not to take part in the franchise.

Since the announcement of the birth of the renewed DC Universe – built by James Gunn And Peter Safran – fans and magazines from all over the world wondered about possible involvement of Ben Affleck. According to some rumors, the actor – who has definitively moved away from the role of Batman, apart from the small cameo in The Flash – would return to work with DC Studios in the capacity of director. In these hours, however, Affleck finally has decided to clarify on the matter – and his answer may disappoint a lot of viewers.

DC Universe – Ben Affleck denies his involvement as director

During a long interview with The Hollywood Reporter – who dedicated Ben Affleck a lengthy portrait of his present, past and future career – the star therefore has denied his involvement in the revamped DC Universe, both as an actor and as a directorstating that he is not interested in returning to that world:

I wouldn’t want to direct something for James Gunn’s DC. I have nothing against him, he’s great and I’m sure he’ll do a great job. I just don’t want to go into that world and direct the way they’re doing it. I am not interested.

In recent weeks, ad feed the rumors regarding Ben Affleck’s involvement in the DC Universe it was, moreover, the same James Gunnwhich he expressly had mentioned Affleck among the talents gathered “at the round table” of DC Studioscommitted to putting ideas for the development of Chapter 1 of the emerging expanding universe. The co-CEO of DC Studios also had claimed to have met Ben Affleck privately and having discussions with him about possibly directing a DC film. So something must have gone wrong in the last few weeks. All that remains is to wait for a comment from James Gunn, who has always been very active on social media. In the meantime, Gunn decided to direct personally the cinecomic that will mark the beginning of Chapter 1 of the DC Universe – named Gods & Monsters -, centered on the figure of a young Clark Kent, Superman: Legacies. Ben Affleck, for his part, continues his prolific career as a director and producer. It will be in theaters from April 6 Air – The story of the great leapin which he plays alongside his friend and colleague Matt Damon, while in these hours it has been announced that the Artists Equity – production company founded by Affleck and Damon – will produce the biopic Unstoppable, with Jennifer Lopez. The streets of the renewed DC Universe and Ben Affleck, therefore, seem to be destined not to meet.

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