Hailey Bieber vs Selena Gomez: What does Justin Bieber think?

The quiet days that have just passed bode well: the social feud between Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber and the various supporters of each other seems to have ended. However, an important name is missing from the appeal, a person who, I would say wisely, has decided to stay out of these controversies: Justin Bieber. Many wondered why he hadn’t said anything about it, not even through a post or Instagram story that made a small mention of the matter. Now we have the answer: according to people close to the Bieber spouses, the singer chose to ignore what happened because he no longer wants to waste time with facts related to the past. He and Hailey are fine and have decided to take things one day at a time. Indeed, Justin is well aware that any of his words could be amplified by the media and does not want to create another media hype.

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A shareable choice, even if on social networks, someone has pointed out that the interpreter of Yummyindeed, commented on what happened quite subtly. The reference – if you have been very attentive and you have not missed anything of this story – he’s at his birthday party which was held a few days ago in which the birthday boy would have distributed to his guests, as gadgets, lighters engraved with various phrases, including: “I am grateful for not having had what I thought I wanted”. The message, for some, seems to be clear: Hailey is my second choice. Admittedly, it’s a pretty imaginative and pretty mean take on the model, but by now we’ve figured out that Jelena fans will stop at nothing.

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I don’t know how you think, if that phrase sounds more or less bad to you, but I think the thing we can all agree on is that the singer is fed up with this story and tired that, from time to time, accusations come out, digs that his wife would have sent to his ex, with the relative clamor that then arouses the whole thing. For now, the umpteenth chapter of the clash between Hailey and Selena has closed, we’ll see what happens in the next one: maybe Justin will intervene to settle it once and for all.

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