Lizzo: “Beyoncé saved me from depression. Last night I cried to the choreography of an angel”

Lizzo posted a video on his social account from yesterday evening in London, where his The special tour landed at The O2. The artist posted a video of a girl dancing to the tune of About damn time and this message: “In 2007 I memorized all the choreography of Get me bodied Of Beyoncé and saved me from depression. Last night when this angel danced About damn time with me and the other “big girls” I cried backstage. Realizing that I am to her what my favorite artist was to me was touching.”

Lizzo explained that the video of About damn time “it shows, literally, how I faced my problems. The path I took to build my self-esteem, overcoming my fucking fears. Related to weight, skin color. I suffered a lot but I found myself in music. Each of us has a deep beauty that needs to be brought out”.

Lizzo, on the track to celebrate the body and liberation: “I escaped from the psychoanalyst, now I show the diva in me”

by Anna Lombardi

Rapper and singer, known for her provocative lyrics and stage presence as well as for her commitment to the reception of her appearance, Lizzo has won four Grammys (the latter was for the best recording of the year) and broke into the recording industry. garlic Emmy Award of September he won the award for his reality show Watch Out for the Big Grrrls and left her mark with her acceptance speech: “Finally a big girl has arrived on stage – she said moved and very excited – this trophy is beautiful, but the emotion I feel is for the people who have shared their story with me When I was little I wanted to see someone as fat as me, as black as me, as beautiful as me on television and if I could go back to little Lizzo I would say ‘you won’t see her so you have to go'”.

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