Wanda Nara furious about the arrival of the new little brother: the gossip

Wanda Nara will soon have a new little brother or sister. In recent weeks the father Andres has announced that the Nara family will expand: the new wife Alicia Barbasola is expecting a baby. If on social networks Lady Icardi and her sister Zaira preferred not to comment on the news, it was the journalist who revealed the alleged reaction of the presenter of MasterChef Argentina Juan Etchegoyen.

Wanda Nara, the reaction to the arrival of a little brother

At Miter Live, there has been talk in the past few hours of the news of the Nara family and the reaction that the Argentine entrepreneur would have had who, together with her sister, has recently reconciled with her father (as also attested by some shots shared together on the social). “I had access to strong information. They speak to me of total discomfort. What they hinted to me is that Andrés Nara’s daughters would say to their father, ‘Are you going to have another child at this point in the game?'”, said the reporter. Then when asked what Wanda and Zaira’s reaction had been, Andres would have preferred not to answer. Hence the assumptions made by Etchegoyen: “Or is hurt by his daughters’ reaction or I don’t know”, then concluded with: “I have the feeling that this topic of Andrés’ paternity is something that shouldn’t be touched upon in future family reunions. If there will be any”. We certainly know the latest gift that Lady Icardi gave herself and of which she is very proud, a super luxury car that many envy.

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