Torchon, all the celebrity looks

Bella Hadid showed them off on the catwalk, for Chiara Ferragni it’s the perfect look for the summer while Jennifer Lopez loves them in a disheveled version: we’re obviously talking about torchons, the hairstyle that involves two or more buns positioned high on the sides of the head. Full 90s revival (how can we forget Mel B’s hairdo at the time of the Spice Girls) twists are back in fashion, not only to put up your hair in the summer but also to give a somewhat manga and decidedly cheeky allure to your look.

Torchon, how to best make them

THE twists they are not only downright cool but also represent a passepartout solution that easily adapts to any type or length of hair: perfect for a last-minute look when you haven’t had time to shampoo or for those who don’t have too much time to dedicate to hair care; on the contrary, the more messy they are, the more the look will be spot on. But why are torciglioni called like that? The word torchonfrom the French canovaccio, recalls the idea of twist hair to make small “onions” to be fixed on the top of the head. Ideal for give height and volume to straight hair, they are also a winning ally for i curly or wavy hairgoing to eliminate the annoying frizz effect. Making a torchon it is really simple, in fact it is sufficient to divide the hair into two or more sections and twist them one by one around the fingers or even using a brush. After that it is sufficient to have small elastic bands to stop everything, as if you were making a simple chignon. Using a disciplining cream or modeling can be particularly useful for keeping the hair in order for longer.


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Celebrity hairstyles to inspire

Elegant, disheveled or decorated with a crown of beads: the torchons (or in English space bun) have been interpreted in tons of different ways by stars and influencers who have sported this 90s style hair getting thousands of likes.

With side line

A decidedly original way to give a different twist to this hairstyle is to follow the example of stars like Charli d’Amelio and Zendaya that instead of parting their hair with the classic central parting, they opted for one side row with a geometric effect. A great example of how torchons adapt easily to all hair types, both those who have straight hair like the tik tok star and those who have thick and super curly hair like the actress from Euphoria.

Decorated torchons

Hairpins, headbands, glitter: the new trend wants i hair full of accessories and super decorated; an excellent solution to enhance and give character to even the simplest hairstyles. The torchon, being very narrow, is perfect for decorating with eye-catching hairpins, beads or fun accessories. For those looking for inspiration just take a look at Ariana Grandebig fan of torchon hair that in the video clip 7 rings she even placed some glitter earrings on her chignon, while Janelle Monaeas a true fashion icon, loves to decorate her hair with floral hairpins, colorful accessories and even beaded necklaces.

Four torchons

Why limit yourself to two torchons when you can make four? Of course it requires a bit of manual skill and a few minutes to complete, but the result will be a look in perfect style Coachella. Also flaunted on the red carpet by Zoe Kravitz and Miley Cyrusthis hairstyle has risen to prominence thanks to Chiara Ferragni who gave us the perfect one beach look.

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With loose hair

For those who love i natural and cheeky looks, an excellent solution is to make small torchons leaving the rest of the hair loose. In this case only two strands are needed to twist, one to the right and one to the left, leaving the rest of the hair free: it is possible to leave the strands in front, to frame the face as best as possible Jennifer Lopezor leave all the hair free, in the style copied by Ariana Grande.

The variant with short hair

Who says that to show off perfect torchons you have to have long hair? Miley Cyrus sported this hairstyle with a pixie cut super cool with hair shaved to the sides, adding some micro torchon to give height to the hair. The extra touch? In addition to decorating your hair, why not opt ​​for some colored strands so as to create contrast with the rest of the hair, for a decidedly manga style look.

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