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One of ‘Idol’ Iconic Looks Canceled After Season 1

I wish there was a sequel to Idol, Sam Levinson’s series about a young pop star (Lily Rose Depp) who is manipulated by a thousand system parasites who are nonetheless the System. They live off the talent of others and devour it. But maybe she’s manipulating them, who knows. I’m sorry because it’s normal it won’t get the expected ratings the critics didn’t like it maybe The Weeknd is not an actor’s dragon he better get back to singing but this series said the dynamics of the world in which we people of a certain age the world celebrities, very distant, seems like a star system, but instead this world is the daily bread for teenagers from all over the world who have it as a guide, they identify themselves with the reality of the screen and their lives are not unequal.

It’s also interesting to understand a lot of what we don’t understand about how teenagers behave: they live in their neighborhoods and cities as if they were in a movie. Lots of violence, lots of force in every human dynamic. A 20-year-old of my children followed him passionately. Hairdresser Germano too. My hair is growing back and I finally went back to him after two years to give him a verse. He told me how people meet on the Internet, what they ask each other about, through what channels.

I have never heard of any of them. He told me like it’s normal and I didn’t quite understand how to put your “beginnings” or “ends” when referring to other people you don’t know who they are. He told me that everyone does it. Every. Then we talked about The Idol, but that was before we knew it was going to end. That’s how the world works, he said.

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