A child under the age of six with chronic pneumonia was successfully transferred to Sabogarh Hospital and underwent surgery

Caleb Mora, who suffers from chronic pneumoniamanaged to be transferred to the intermediate care area of ​​the Alberto Sabogar Sologuren Hospital, where he soon underwent surgery to counteract the pleural effusion.

Caleb’s father, Jair Mora, expressed his gratitude to RPP Noticias Rotafono as his son has been treated by a pulmonary specialist and he is expected to recover soon.

“I am very grateful because thanks to you all this was possible and thanks to the information you posted my son was able to be transferred from Barton to Sabogal,” Jarre declared.

Let us remember that the father of the family communicated with the family RPP News Rota Fon Asking for help getting a bed for my son Caleb who has a severe respiratory illness and needs to be transferred to the hospital Alberto Sabogal Sologuren Hospital Essalud, at Callao.

The under-six was battling chronic pneumonia with atelectasis and strokes.Initially, he was rushed to the hospital Alberto Leonardo Patton Thompson HospitalAccording to the family’s father, the hospital does not have a pediatric pulmonologist.

Since when was Caleb hospitalized?

Mr Jarr said his son had been hospitalized since last Sunday (July 23). The case started with a severe fever, which was brought to the attention of the parents.

However, the outlook is better now that Caleb is already receiving care at Sabogar Hospital. Jair is very grateful to Rotafono of RPP Noticias for helping his only son with the transfer.

“I would tell everyone that if at any time they have a problem like mine, trust RPP Rotafono, they have all the help at their fingertips,” concludes Jarl.

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