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The Provincial Government of Chubut, through the Ministry of Health, participated in the “National Conference on Chagas 2023” in the city of Buenos Aires, organized by the National Ministry of Health to agree on measures and work together to promote the interruption and /or eliminate the spread of the disease in the country.

These events were held a few days ago to coincide with the commemoration of “Argentina Day without Chagas virus”.

In addition, the meeting was led by the head of the national health department, Carla Vizzotti, and was attended by leaders from all provinces.

Mariela Brito, Provincial Director of Epidemiology and Epidemiology, on behalf of the Chubut Provincial Ministry of Health; and Alejandra Sandoval, Director of the Provincial Department of Animal and Human Diseases.

Roadmap in federal regulations and based on epidemiology

In this regard, Alejandra Sandoval, Director of the Provincial Department of Animal and Human Diseases, pointed out that “the meeting presented new methodological guidelines for the external assessment of the interruption of transmission and the elimination of Chagas disease as a public health problem. Part of the American Health Organization (PAHO), progress has been made in developing a roadmap based on federal regulations and based on epidemiological conditions.”

Provincial Comprehensive Administration

Likewise, Sandoval commented, “We participated in a conference to exchange knowledge and perspectives on the transmission of diseases from mother to child, of which Chagas disease is one.” He emphasized that within this framework, “we presented Provincial Integrated Management Form for Surveillance, Prevention and Elimination of Perinatal HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Chagas Virus Transmission Developed in Chubut Province”.

Through this form, he explained, “therapeutic approaches to Chagas disease have been advanced, along with other diseases, aimed at preventing mothers, boys and girls, and persons of childbearing potential, regardless of fitness level.”

On the other hand, the provincial reference highlighted that this “Chagas Disease Cross-Cultural Health Roundtable” was convened to present the path, progress and achievements of the National Chagas Disease Program which was developed in parallel with Chagas disease-related actions customized. We also promote this theme to different health influencers in the province.”

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