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Poor Deeds is the incredible (and feminist) story of Bella Baxter’s transformation into Emma Stone, a woman who committed suicide, brought back to life by scientist Godwin Baxter, played by Willem Dafoe. Comedy, drama, erotica and even hereticism, The Poor Man is Lanthimos’ masterpiece and one of the most beautiful films ever made.

questionhis dark fairy tale with a great cast and the craziest photo you’ve ever seen, is the result of a film adaptation of the 1992 novel of the same name written by Alasdair GrayAnd this is after the first day. Venice Film Festivalmovie details expected AND chatted of all. Because it’s a product that doesn’t soften words like Cute who says and does whatever she pleases. Cause? Because he owns baby brainit’s his own fetuslocked in your body young man. Because of this”dyscrasiaand the gap between body and mind, the inventor and adoptive father of this poor creature who came into the world under the knife, Godwin Baxterdecide hide under a glass jar to protect him from the evils of the whole world. The scientist Bella calls simply “God, God» at the beginning of the film, a man who is aware of his power, God despot who would like to keep his backward and beautiful being only in his arms, thereby removing her from real life, from ridicule, from suffering, and he does this out of fear that through the knowledge of the world, she may inevitably ultimately prefer him to him, God, to its Creator. Near her house a girl (next to her is a master Mark Ruffalo) will discover music, art, dancing, and even casual sex (after discovering female masturbation by inserting cucumbers and peaches into her vagina), but above all, she will understand the complexity poor creatures (including her) to be at peace.

THATmovie it Odyssey Bella Baxter, who, after seeing half Europedecides to return to London How self-sufficientlike a woman liberated. The whole movie is one journey but also slow transformation: about Bella, about her ideals, about her uncertainty, about his relationship with Godwin and with men, about his gender, about his limitations. In the adventure of her new self, a woman seeks everything she did not have: happiness. Because there is one right way to live and act until you find another, and Bella, who was a woman who never knew each other, is changing, conquering new levels of knowledge in the same way that scenarios, places and circumstances around them develop by themselves. . But who was he before the experiment? A depressed pregnant woman married to a man obsessed with having her but not loving her: “You are mine and I have to lock you up, I have to keep you“. More generally, the men of Poor Girls are characters who want to realize their own hegemonic masculinity about Bella, hiding her and imprisoning her in some place under the pretext of wanting to imprison her”safe“. But by whom? From the perverted looks of other rivals on the street, from culture, from other women, from self-evolution in the world. The poor girl, who in the first thirty minutes of the film is shown as figure unable to liveobviously subjected to a low fate and breathing her vile air to the end of her days, soon becomes the center personal revolution. Thank God, things will change soon. Some define “Poor Things” as a dark version Barbie according to Lanthimos, and he is not entirely wrong. However, it should be added that this film takes a step forward compared to the creativity Gerwigwho in Barbie preferred to stop at a certain stage and not abandon the concept patriarchy you hate feminism instead, Lanthimos continues his slow philosophize.

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