This is the love nest of Diego Leuco and Sofía Martínez

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Diego Locco and sofia martinez They are one of the most popular couples in the world of entertainment and social networking. Every day, the pair share their intimate details with thousands of fans, along with postcards of their coexistence.

After several months of dating and many trips abroad due to work reasons, the reporters decided to gamble on coexistence. She moved into the bachelor apartment of the host of the Lu TV station and rearranged her “love nest” bit by bit.

Recently, the two shared a funny video via Instagram, in which sofia martinez He wanted to incorporate his own personal touch into the department’s decor. Diego Locco. To that end, she showed off her boyfriend’s collection of dolls and other valuables.

The “Nobody” host has some items that mean a lot to him in his living room, like boxing gloves signed by Mike Tyson. Additionally, it features a giant painting of another icon, Michael Jordan.

months ago, Diego Locco In a note, he talked about his future and expressed his desire to start a family. “I love the idea of ​​having kids. We’ve talked about it a lot, but she’s very clear that I love kids, that I have weaknesses, and that I really want to be a dad at some point,” he said.

When describing his girlfriend, sofia martinezstating: “She’s a caring, sensitive, helpful person. Yes, that’s true. I love her very much, but everything I’ve said about her is true.”

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