at Red Bull 64 Bars Live, final act

“See you in Scampia or are you afraid to go out?” With this question, Luchet completed his penultimate diss (which is called the correct I’m afraid to go out) against Psalm, and with the announcement of the former’s participation at Red Bull 64 Bars Live, it now seems almost official: the last meeting between the two will take place on October 7th in Naples. The news came this afternoon from the official Red Bull profile: “Naples is a year of miracles: it will also be there on October 7th. Luce will be at Red Bull 64 Bars Live with Jollier, Lazza, Miles, Noise Narcos, Rose Willen and Salmo.”

An obedient condition, because – under the publication of Esse Magazine – Salmo announced that he would not be in Scampia. “Do you think I’m stupid enough to go play Scampia?” — wrote the Sardinian rapper. “Who cares about a live Red Bull, I just wanted to destroy the Rosicon. Too bad, I’d like to show you how to sing live.”

The news of the participation of both in the event, which, after all, is surprising up to a certain point, considering also the clear messenger sent by Luce to Salmo, and given that the latter was already in the composition, the event will take place in Scampia in the autumn. It’s probably true that there will be animosity between them, but this (all of them) quick streak of disagreements (five in just over 48 hours, with the first arrow fired on Tuesday by Luce) has put a flea in everyone’s ear. about the veracity of this dispute, and the statement about the presence of both on the scene of Red Bull confirms the thought of many.

Luce and Salmo brought diss from Instagram to rap

Whether this is true or not, however, one thing is certain: finally, in Italian rap, the struggle between two very loud rappers has been in beats with beats (of a high technical and lyrical level on the part of both) that have survived, and not through Instagram stories that die through 24 hoursby educating all the rappers (or supposed rappers) from social media and bringing diss back where it belongs. In this Lucha and Salmo continued the great Italian tradition of diss (five of the best of them can be found here). From the historical conflict between DJ Gruff and Article 31 in nine fifty from Fritz Da Cat (considered the very first in this genre) to the iconic Fabry Fibre vs. Cow.

The answer to all those who complained about the alleged lack of content and rhyme with a decidedly rough tone (but that’s also the beauty of hip-hop) came from Salmo. “Rap listeners in 2023 are mostly very young guys who don’t know what dissing is, demanding “content”. In dissing, you ruthlessly insult each other, it’s just a game. Rap is often vulgar entertainment for those who want to laugh. If you want content, read the book.

October 7th is on my mind right now and if this match really takes place we are sure that with giants like Salmo and Luce there will be no losers but only winners.

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