The real reason Chicago is holding its first remote training camp since Michael Jordan’s season

The Chicago Bulls chose to use the core of the past two years to reverse the decline. DeMar DeRozan and the rest of the team are getting ready for the new year, hoping to bring positive changes. Head coach Billy Donovan believes their new training camp approach will provide a spark.

The Bulls are holding preseason training camp at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. This is Chicago’s first remote training camp since Michael Jordan’s second season.

Bulls training camp: New scenarios, better results?

Billy Donovan talks about the importance of holding remote training camps. He begins by acknowledging that the team needs to change circumstances to bring about different results.

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“One of the things we talked about was we were going to bring back the same team,” Donovan said, via NBC Sports Chicago. “We have to do something different. “We can’t just do the same thing and expect everything to be OK. “

The Bulls focused on connecting and building team chemistry through activities and conversations during training camp away from the city of Chicago.

DeMar DeRozan agrees. He said the Toronto Raptors have held several remote training camps, and those trips have allowed their team to practice in ways they couldn’t when training at home. “That carries over to the entire season as far as supporting each other,” he stressed.

The 1985 Bulls, led by Michael Jordan, weren’t in their prime, but they did make the playoffs at the end of the season. Perhaps the Bulls’ new training camp will allow the team to improve chemistry and win more games.

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