the record fee of the actress who plays Rue Bennett

Zendaya’s fee for playing the role of Rue Bennett in the third season of Euphoria is set to grow. Here’s how much the star will earn.

Zendaya will return to play the role of Rue Bennett in the third season of Euphoria and, apparently, the actress’s salary is set to grow. The alleged figure was leaked by Matthew Belloni of Puck magazine. According to what he claims, the 26-year-old would have just closed a deal that would have led to renegotiating the terms of her contract, reaching a record figure.

Zendaya’s fee for playing Rue Bennett in Euphoria 3

Puck magazine reads: “Zendaya just went through a big renegotiation” which has led her salary to grow exponentially. The agreement reached would provide for a fee of 1 million dollars per episode for her. If, like the first and second seasons, the third should be composed of 8 episodes, Zendaya will therefore collect 8 It should be noted that Zendaya has also become a producer on the show since season 2. However, her salary resembles that earned by the actors of Friends in the last two seasons of the beloved television series.

The compensation is not the same for all the actors of Euphoria

It is not the first time that the salary of the actors of the Euphoria series has become a cause of interest. Last year, Sydney Sweeney – actress who plays Cassie Howard – explained to the Hollywood Reporter that actors no longer receive the salaries they once did and that only big names receive equally large sums:

“GF Vip on Saturday against Dancing with the Stars”, the hypothesis of Canale 5 for December

They no longer pay actors like they used to, and as streaming grows, you’re left with crumbs. Established stars still get paid well, but I have to give 5% to my lawyer, 10% to my agent and 3% to my accountant. I have to pay my press office every month and it’s more than the mortgage. If I wanted to take a six month break, I wouldn’t have enough money to get by. I have no one to give me financial support.

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