The Rolling Stones release new album for the first time in almost 20 years

We’re guessing that wild horses really couldn’t drag them off. The Rolling Stones are adding another feather to their illustrious career that has spanned more than six decades – yes, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood are releasing their 24th studio album. Hackney Diamonds, proving that they won’t stop – baby, they won’t stop. This will be their first album in almost 20 years.

Now in their seventieth year (in fact, Mick just celebrated a grand eighth birthday), the band, formed in 1961, are back with new music that they say will appeal to both their old and new fans.

The launch will take place on October 20. Hackney Diamonds The project aims to bridge the gap between original fans and their children (or grandchildren), including notable collaborations with artists such as Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder. The lead single “Angry” was recently released and the video features none other than current Hollywood darling Sydney Sweeney.

They worked on this album for several years – drummer Charlie Watts passed away in 2021, after production began. “Ever since Charlie left, things are different of course: he’s number four, he’s gone, he’s not here,” Keith said during a press conference to announce the album.

“Of course he was really missed, but thanks to Charlie we have Steve Jordan (backup drummer) who Charlie recommended in case anything happened to him.”

In a market that is often criticized for turning away talent past a certain age, Mick and his merry men are bucking the trend. “When you get to our age, things have to go on,” Mick said. And with moves like Jagger, no one does it better than him—at any age.

Hackney Diamonds will be released October 20, 2023. Will they be touring the album around the world? This part has not yet been revealed.

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