The SOS Fantômes version is trashy and moronic that you have honte d’aimer (more errors)

You will always be considered the arrogance of the classics of their creators, Evolution Perhaps they are upset by their uncontrollable casting, David Duchovny, Julianne Moore or Seann William Scott in the past, and their humor is gentle enough to continue their casting.

Just think about Ivan Reitman and his filmography. It is difficult to immediately mention the classic ones after hearing about some things. here ont toujours bien du mal à s’en detacher. Indeed, le SOS Phantom, Jumeau you’re doing an encore Flick motherly wholesome, parfois en dépit de leurs inner qualities, an undeniable nostalgia for the capital.

Born in the heart of the era, the many ghosts and unfortunate halos of the commercial lien statute, Evolution n’a pas versiment is etched in collective memories, and there are words that can be said. Purtan, Reitman’s sci-fi comedy “Gentiment Graleuse” is not a past tense, but a place that is an event on the way to success in the intelligence of the son-realizer.

Evolution: Photos Julianne Moore, David Duchovny, Seann William ScottIt’s a reverse thrust, but more.

San Francisco is serious

Evolution partait d’assez lower back. In general, the film promises a famous career in absurd territory based on the ultimate outcome of the adventure. Écrit par Don Jakoby (notament scénariste de Life force or you’re a bad friend Vampires John Carpenter), the original script for the feature film is largely adapted into a sci-fi thriller with a more dramatic tone. Richard Donner, Sam Raimi, Robert Zemeckis or even Steven Spielberg were all linked to the project at one point. Finally, here Reitman opens the timbale, as does his impulse: Evolution change completely from the bracket.

The director, collecting the idea of ​​​​staging the film in one tone, actually turned to screenwriters David Diamond and David Weissman (artists de Family man) to begin restoring the envergur. Target: fairEvolution an action-comedy with light consequences, without giving up voluntary trust. As the epitome of this new direction, Don Jacoby continues to be credited and contribute as a contributing writer.

Evolution: photo, Julianne Moore, David Duchovny, Orlando JonesIn fact, on the right side of the dramatic door.

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