The Stranger Things prequel has found its main characters

It’s getting bigger and bigger Stranger Things: The First Shadow, a theatrical show that will be a true prequel to the now iconic series. Indeed, in the last hours Netflix announced the title actors who will be the main characters of the show that will soon arrive in London. Here are the names of the selected artists: Oscar Lloyd Jr. he will give his face to the young man Jim Hopperthe one who will become the gruff sheriff played by David Harbour; Isabella Pappas this will be instead Joyce Maldonado in adolescence (in the mother’s series this is Winona Ryder); In the end, Christopher Buckley will have a role Bob Newbyas an adult, he played instead Sean Astin.

The new show will play with nostalgia and curiosity about the origins of history. Hawkins: in 1959.In fact, all of these young characters struggle with small problems every day, from a car that doesn’t work to worries about graduating. But everything changes when a new student arrives in town. Henry Creel, who brings with him the shadows that haunt his family. It is obvious that for those who followed the series up to the fourth season, it was Henry Creel, due to a series of unfortunate vicissitudes, who would become formidable Vecna. The cast will also include Gilles Geary (Ted Wheeler), Max Harwood (Allen Munson), Michael Gibson (Victor Creel), Louis McCartney (Henry Creel), Patrick Vale (Dr. Brenner), Lauren Ward (Virginia Creel), Ella Karuna. Williams (Patty Newby) and many others.

THAT Duffer brothersthe creators of this narrative universe and who also wrote this original story with Jack Thorne and Kate Trefry are enthusiastic about this casting choice: “The cast of Stranger Things: The First Shadow is phenomenal.“, they stated: “These actors brilliantly explore the first steps of fan-favorite characters while also bringing new characters to life. We are very excited and can’t wait to see them on stage. See you in London, nerds!“The show will next debut in London. November 17 at the Phoenix Theatre.and we are still waiting to see what the fate of the fifth season will be, blocked due to the writers’ and actors’ strike, but which could arrive between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025.

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