the terrible devastation they wreaked on olympia

For immortality, Federer needs Nadal and Djokovic. Spaniards to Swiss and Serbs, and His Majesty and Rafiera.

Real Madrid owes their greatness to Barcelona. Boca Juniors are grateful to River Plate, Saprissa has strong opponents in Alajuela and Herediano, forcing him to bring out the best in him.

What makes Michael Jordan the greatest player of all time is that he played with Larry Bird’s Celtics, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Lakers, “The Postman” Malone fought an epic battle with the Stockton Jazz and the Detroit Pistons’ “Bad Boys,” led by Isiha Thomas, Bill Laimbier and Rodman Worms.

Muhammad Ali would not be the myth he is today without his memorable fights with Joe Frazier and George Foreman.

All in all, a great team or superstar always needs to borrow qualities from the other to get better, become a legend, and go down in history.

And in Honduras, who is Olympia’s biggest rival? No one doesn’t. He stands alone at the top. Its dominance (36) is so great that it has twice as many titles (18) as Motagua, 24 more than Real Spain and 27 more than Marathon.

Honestly, in Honduras, Olympia doesn’t play classics with anyone. Its only classic, the classic, is Saprisa, which is at the level of Central America.

The damage done to Old Leon by the “Big Three” was enormous, unquantifiable, and significant. No one forced an effort on him, many championships were won on foot, and when he didn’t turn around in the Olympics, it was due to the over-relaxation produced by his overwhelming dominance.

The other “Big Three” set themselves on fire. They have no mission, no vision, so their fundamental forces are not productive; they are almost always a disaster in the administrative or economic sphere, and drag down the lack of achievement of capital.

Everyone, even the naysayers, should love Olympia, even a little, because it keeps Honduran football alive, with posh teams, fanatical fans and a glorious caste, and it makes the impossible possible, like in four Doubled in days. Toluca and Pachuca, winning tickets to the Club World Cup, celebrating two CONCACAF titles, winning countless CONCACAF titles, and beating the most egotistical visiting teams from Europe and South America on countless occasions, just like in the present It is 60 or 70 years away.

For that reason, his stinginess at this Central American Championship and his early elimination was irritating. But as said, Olympia sometimes loses its hunger to win because of doing so much, its players, coaches and leaders think names alone are enough due to the weakness of the rest of the “Big Three”, and in some games they Don’t even want to run, don’t want to better prepare strategies or sign.

But in Olympia, there is no time for regret; so, in order to forget about the miserable start of the semester, what he should do is prove his innocence to his people, win this boring game, stay undefeated, and he and his B team will fight for Smaller opponents have scored six points, and two of those “greats” he has beaten in his historic white jersey.

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