The Three Musketeers – D’Artagnan

Directed by: Martin Bourboulon
Cast: Francois Civil, Vincent Cassel, Eva Green, Louis Garrel, Romain Duris, Pio Marmay, Vicky Crips
Origin and production: France, Germany, Spain / Dimitri Rassam, Ignacio Segura, Chapter 2, Pate
Duration: 121 min.

From the Louvre to Buckingham Palace, in a kingdom divided by religious wars and threatened by an invasion of England, a handful of men and women cross swords and tie their fate to that of France.

“Producers Dimitri Rassam and the Pathè group trust Martin Bourboulon, who has just arrived at the Eiffel Tower 2022, to direct the film. The Three Musketeers – D’Artagnan, the first chapter of an announced trilogy based on the acclaimed novel by Alexandre Dumas, which aims to revive great dashing adventure films that combine individual paths and national history in what appears to be an operation to repossess a particular literary heritage. To find the latest French-made film based on the famous novel, we must go back to 1994, when Bernard Tavernier, who was originally only supposed to produce it, made Eloised’Artagnan’s daughter with Sophie Marceau and Philippe Noiret.
The Three Musketeers – D’Artagnan therefore, it represents a rethinking of the work of Alexandre Dumas, which has already undergone more than thirty adaptations for the big screen. There are those who liked to turn it into a steampunk comic, like the German Paul W. S. Anderson with his Three Musketeers 2011 with Logan Lerman, Milla Jovovich and who to parody her like our Sergio Corbucci in All for one… barrel for all since 1973. Director Martin Bourboulon and screenwriters Alexandre de la Patelière and Mathieu Delaporte have already collaborated on dad or mom in 2015 and dad or mom 2 in 2016 and present The Three Musketeers – D’Artagnan they worked to rewrite the original plot, trying to give a new twist and fresh energy to a classic story that has gone down in film history. With a budget of 72 million euros, The Three Musketeers – D’Artagnan and continuation The Three Musketeers – Milady it required 9 months of preparation, 8 months of filming and involved a team of 300 people. According to the director, the plot of the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas left an indelible mark on the collective memory due to the idea of ​​a sense of honor and brotherhood.
In 1627, after several years of fragile peace, the kingdom of France is on the verge of a new religious war. King Louis XIII, still without heirs, stands at the head of a country split in two. On the one hand, the Protestant forces, supported by the crown of England, on the other, the Catholic nobility, seeking to strengthen their dominance. In this atmosphere of precarious equilibrium, the young d’Artagnan arrives in Paris, dreaming of becoming part of the royal musketeers. Their first meeting is a duel. But from that moment a great friendship was born with Athos, Porthos and Aramis. The four become inseparable and together fight against the conspiracies of Cardinal Richelieu and Milady aimed at weakening the power of Louis XIII. The Gascon, in love with the beautiful Constance, uses all his courage and skill as a swordsman to save the queen’s honor and fulfill the dream that brought him to Paris: to become a royal musketeer.

Matthew DiMaria, wild trails

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