The Weekender: Hear albums from Foo Fighters, Noel Gallagher, Ben Harper (and many more…) released today

For the past few years, Friday has been the day of the week devoted to record releases. What better way to mentally prepare for the long weekend ahead than by reviewing the best albums released in the last few hours?
The months awaited record is finally upon us…enjoy listening

Foo Fighters – “But Here We Are”
(Roswell Records/RCA Records)

After a year of shocking losses, personal insights and bittersweet memories, I Foo Fighters make a surprise return with the album “But Here We Are” which, as the press notes tell us, is a brutally honest and emotionally raw response to what the band has experienced over the past year, the healing power of music , a testament to friendship and family. Courageous, Persecuted and Resolutely Authentic, Created by Greg Kurstin and come Foo Fighters“But Here We Are” is the eleventh album together. Foo Fighters and the first chapter in the band’s new life.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Council Skies”
(Sour Mash Records)

The new “Council Skies” was recorded at Lone Star Sound Recording Studio. noel While in London, the stars were exquisitely sculpted at the famous Abbey Road studios. Produced by songwriter with longtime collaborator Paul “Strangeboy” StacyThe album also features participation from johnny mar Did smiths on three tracks including recent single “Pretty Boy”. Manchester Musician explains:

I’m going back to my origins. Daydreaming, rolling my eyes and wondering what life could have been like… it’s as true for me today as it was in the early 90’s. When I was growing up in poverty and unemployment, music saved me”… Like “Top of the Pops” on Thursday night TV, you were immersed in a fantasy world. I think that’s what music should do. I want my music to uplift and help in some way,

Ben Harper – “Wide Open Light”
(Chrysalis Records)

Ben Harper’s New Album After Last Grammy-Nominated “Bloodline Maintenance” Described By Well harpist Like a true “family of songs” in which each track is a close relative of the next. It’s intentionally minimalist and it’s the songs themselves, as much as the production, that are absolute stars.

Beach Fossils – “Bunny”

new disc of beach fossils It is inspired by the psych-pop of earlier albums. Agility And spiritualized to which perennial effects are added Care, wires, birds And velvet Underground, produced by lars stallfors ,St. Vincent, soccer mom, lil peep) album thus performed by the leader of the Brooklyn Quartet Dustin Payseur,

When I wrote the first record, there were no choruses; They were instrumental guitar parts between verses. It’s the first record where I consciously thought about writing the chorus…

Bob Dylan – “Shadow Kingdom”

Publish July 2021 Streaming Events Regularly Today Including Watch Dylan He went over a large part of his repertoire. The feature film, on the other hand, will be available for download and rental on Tuesday, June 6.

Ben Folds – “What Matters Most”
(New West Records)

Fifth solo album, first after almost 8 years (“So There” was released in 2015), for the historical leader of ben folds five,

Rufus Wainwright – “Democracy”

On the threshold of fifty years, the American singer-songwriter celebrates with a full album of covers, a studio party with many distinguished guests: john legend, chaka khan, Madison Cunningham, sheryl crow, Andrew Bird, anonymous, david byron, Nicole Scherzinger and his sisters, Martha Wainwright And Lucy Wainwright Roche,

Bully – “Lucky For You”

“Sugareg”, the fourth album, was not released even three years after the previous one. bully draws from the personal pain and universal struggle that is to exist, learn and move forward, and is imbued with the concrete melodramatic sensibility of it all Alicia Bognanno and an expansive sound that’s impossible to pin down when it comes to the textures it explores. These ten songs are simply the most irresistible bognano Recorded “Lucky for You” as her biggest win in an already successful career.

Protomartyr – “Formal Evolution in the Desert”

Recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, sixth album etc sacrifice was produced by the guitarist greg ahi Together Jake Aaron ,snail mail, Rain, In “Formal Development in the Desert”, the desert carries an existential awareness that is ultimately internal. “Evolution” stems from a huge transition period for the frontman. Joe CaseyIncluding the death of his mother, who had been battling Alzheimer’s for a decade and a half.

Rancid – “Tomorrow Never Comes”

Today punk’s loyal supporters return with the awaited tenth studio work: “Tomorrow Never Comes” arrives on the historic Epitaph Records and was produced by Brett GurewitzLongtime collaborator of the band, as well as guitarist bad Religion and the founder of Epitaph himself.

Lantern on the Lake – “Our Version”
(Bella Union)

This self-produced fifth studio LP follows 2020 Mercury-nominated “Spook the Herd” and sees Philip Selway Did radio head Join the band, drums and percussion for the duration of the entire work.

Cowboy Junkies – “Such Brutal Beauty”
(Cooking Vinyl)

Canadian band formed by brothers five years after their last album of unreleased songs (and the last collection of covers “Songs of the Collection”). Margo, Michael And Peter Timmins and from alan anton They return with a work that reflects on the beauty, aging, the loss of a parent, and finding space in one’s life amidst the waste that comes from ordinary living.

Juan Waters – “Wandering Rebel”
(tracks captured)

Uruguayan singer-songwriter Juan Waiters A mix of indie-folk with Latin influences included in this “Wandering Rebel”, many collaborators from around the world, including frankie cosmos, y la bamba And zoe gotussowho sings the first single “Milanesa al Paan”.

Lost Under Heaven – “Something Has Been Declared by Your Life”,

The third album for the project formed by the former singer of Woo Lyf Ellery James Roberts And ebony horn,

Catherine Que Huyen Lim – “Starling”

The South Korean musician is a central figure in the New York experimental scene Catherine Kyu Hyon Lim Today his new album “Starling” was released.

PURR – “Who’s Afraid of the Blue?”

Second studio album for New Creatures Eliza Barry Callaghan And jack staffonwho previously released music under the same name jack and eliza,

Saxophone – To Be a Cloud
(full time hobby)

“To Be a Cloud” is the third studio album by saxophone The first one created by an Oakland husband and wife duo Alexey Yerenkov And alison allderdice They make up as parents. Driven by emotional turmoil after a visit to the childhood home of yerenkov“To Be a Cloud” is a reflective and abstract foray into jazz territory.

Lewis Post – “Sleepwalker”
(El Camino Media)

Solo debut for co-leading lady and guitarist veruca salt, Lewis Produced by many of the tunes in this album say matt drenikIt came to him during a state between sleep and consciousness known as hypnagogia:

I’ve always identified as a sleepwalker. As a child, I used to regularly walk around my house and even on the street. I believe it was my attempt to understand what was happening at my home with my parents’ troubled marriage. As far as I know, I stopped sleepwalking after my divorce at age eight, but it’s always been a part of me that I feel protective of, a child that I feel sad about.

Baxter Dury – “I Thought I Was Better Than You”

seventh solo album baxterdury: worked with the producer Paul White ,Danny Brown, charli xcx) and contributions from the album Esca And jegrewith old ally Madeline Hart,

Half Moon Run – “Salt”

Nearly four years after the release of their third LP, “A Blemish in the Great Light”, the half moon run They do the first release after the release of isaac symonds, “Salt” finds the Quebec band searching at their origins, reflecting concerns about the future in the era of the pandemic.

Jake Shears – “Last Man Dancing”

leader of scissor Sisters returned with his second solo album: A Personal Love Letter to Club and Pop Culture.

DZ Deathray – “Riff”
(DZ Worldwide)

The Brisbane punk-rock band talks about their sixth album as follows:

It’s an amazing feeling to finally be able to announce that our new album RIFF is about to be released. This album represented a different approach to recording for us, using multiple studios and bedrooms split between Brisbane and Sydney. We took our time on this album, reworking songs along the way and making it the longest recording process we’ve ever done, almost 2 years. It turned out to be one of our creepier and more enjoyable records, while revisiting some of the flavors of Blood Lovely and adding a production style new to us.

RVG – “Brain Worms”
(fire records)

Recorded at Snap Studios in London james travaskus ,billy nomets, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, punk sex), new album by rvg Masterfully written and arranged like never before by this great little band from Melbourne.

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