The White Lotus: Sydney Sweeney almost lost the role of Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney revealed she almost lost the role of Olivia Mossbacher in the first season of the show White lotus Because of his previous experience in Euphoria.

Interviewed by Variety, the actress said:

There are always people who see me as Cassie or Olivia. They send me scripts with similar roles. It is they for whom I want to fight that I generally want to do, as in reality.

Talking about the film airing in the United States on HBO, the actress underlined:

I had to audition. I had to shoot a video and send it like everyone else. The same happened with The White Lotus. They didn’t think I was suitable for the series as I had acted in Euphoria. So I shot a video, auditioned for The White Lotus like everyone else, and got called back like everyone else. I can get offers of similar characters that I have played but which are different, people are surprised if I make them, I usually have to fight.

Sidney Sweeney managed to land a role in the first season of the series created by Mike White who will soon be returning with the third chapter.
For now, the young actress is not destined to return to the world of luxury resorts, although there may be a chance in the future, given that the producers hope to create an “all star” season in which the protagonists of various episodes will appear. Return to

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