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Among the many ratings, the one that recognizes the first billion streams matters, today it depends on Olivia Rodrigo.

called British Million Awardand this officially confirmed recognition goes to artists who manage to get their first billion streams with one song.

This is a very significant award. and especially coveted by all artists who work and publish in the United Kingdom, the world’s second largest music and recording market, the only one that can compete with America’s.

Olivia Rodrigo, Miss Billion

Today it’s up Olivia Rodrigo join a prestigious and exclusive club british billion award: with an additional note because the singer the youngest ever to receive this award.
The certification was officially announced this morning and concerns the huge success achieved in just a few weeks by his latest single Bad idea, right? The broadcast that confirmed the result was recorded in mid-July, less than a month after it was posted. But during this month – the prize was awarded two days ago – his data has improved even more and is on its way to doubling.

Olivia Rodrigo – who is only 20 years old – reached this milestone much sooner than expected, and overtook a quite extraordinary list of female artists.

Club Billion Award

what from certification Billion Award is one of the most recent awards from the British recording industry, the one that is watching british music awardssecond largest music event in the world after i Grammy.

Olivia Rodrigo on stage, new album out in September – Credits ANSA (

BRIT Billion Award, launched earlier this year, rewards artists who reach a staggering one billion digital streams in the UK alone. Among the first artists to reach this prestigious milestone are such real giants as ABBA, Coldplay, Queen, Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi. And some women: Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding were the first. Between these Olivia Rodrigo is the youngest.

Second album

The long awaited second album by Olivia Rodrigo, gutswill be released September 8 preceded by two songs already released as singles. The first one was A vampirereleased in June. Second – Bad idea, right? – made a splash.

Olivia Rodrigo recently revealed the full track listing for the follow-up to the Grammy winner’s debut album. Sour.

At the beginning of this summer, the singer explained that the name Guts, which literally means liver, but in the plural is synonymous with character, temperament, became the starting idea for the whole project, from which she then began to develop various songs: “I had a very clear idea in my head. I wanted a simple, one-word, short title. And in the end I said to myself… four letters, like Sour. I like the name Guts. I think it’s a very interesting word that offers many interpretations and different assumptions for interpretation.”
Olivia Rodrigo’s 2021 debut album Sour received excellent reviews and significant success with the public. But judging by the first response of the public guts it looks set to outsell it in both sales and streaming.

This is Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts tracklist.

1 All American female
2 Bad idea, right?
3 vampires
5 Ballad about a girl who is homeschooled
6 Make the bed
7 logical
8 Bring it back!
9 Love is embarrassing
10 Discontent
11 Pretty Not Pretty
12 Teen Dream

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